10 Quick Ways to Fix HyperX Problems on Windows 10 (2023)

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10 Quick Ways to Fix HyperX Problems on Windows 10 (1)

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10 Quick Ways to Fix HyperX Problems on Windows 10 (2)

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  • HyperX Cloudset and HyperX Predator SSD seem to cause some trouble when used on Windows 10.
  • If you've experienced similar issues, you will need to reinstall the headset driver to start resolving them.
  • Make sure to follow the steps described in the guide in an orderly manner to ensure an efficient troubleshooting process.

10 Quick Ways to Fix HyperX Problems on Windows 10 (3)


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HyperX is a famous gaming hardware series that includes memories, SSDs, headsets, and peripherals. But many recently reported encountering problems with HyperX in Windows 10.

Issues with HyperX devices can arise for several reasons, and it’s generally tricky to identify the underlying cause.

So, in the following sections, we will walk you through what’s causing HyperX problems in Windows 10 and the solutions for each.

Why is my HyperX not working?

When the HyperX device is not working on the computer, it’s essential to identify the type of device you are facing issues with.

For instance, if it’s a headphone, misconfigured sound settings, outdated or corrupt drivers, or improper connections are to blame.

Several users also reported that the HyperX mic is not working, in which case, you would have to check the connections, be it a wired or wireless microphone.

Besides, certain services and processes are supposed to run on the computer to function the connected devices effectively. And in their absence, you are bound to encounter issues.

What to do if HyperX Cloud 2 mic is not working?

Many users reported that HyperX Cloud 2 mic is not working on Windows 11 and 10, but this issue can be quickly resolved. First, set the microphone as the primary device and verify if that resolves the problem.

You may update the audio driver or the ones specific to the HyperX Cloud 2 mic if it doesn’t. Besides, if you have third-party apps running that could modify the sound settings, disable or uninstall them to fix the HyperX problems in Windows 10.

If the microphone keeps resetting to 0 volume, you may run the audio troubleshooter or disable apps from taking control of the HyperX Cloud 2 mic.

Does HyperX need drivers?

Yes, HyperX needs drivers, as is the case with any device. But things are a lot more effortless and streamlined with HyperX.

(Video) Fix Hyperx Quadcast USB Advanced Audio Device Troubleshooting

Users don’t need to add the drivers manually; instead, they are automatically fetched and installed as soon as the HyperX device is connected. This is why you wouldn’t be able to find HyperX driver updates online.

Also, it’s best that you download HyperX NGENUITY software to customize compatible devices. In addition to that, it will also ensure that the devices work fine.

How do I fix HyperX issues on Windows 10?

1. Reinstall the headset driver

  1. Press Windows + X to open the Power User menu, and choose Device Manager from the list.
  2. Locate your HyperX audio device, right-click on it, and choose Uninstall device.
  3. A warning dialog will appear. Click on Uninstall to remove the device.
  4. Once done, unplug your headset and then restart your PC.
  5. After your PC restarts, reconnect the headset, and the driver for it should be installed automatically.

You might have to repeat this process several times before your headset startsworking.

Drivers allow your PC to work with the hardware. Therefore, any driver-related issue will cause problems. That is why reinstalling the drivers will most likely solve the problem immediately.

Update drivers automatically (suggested)

If the previous method doesn’t fix the issue, we recommend you use a dedicated tool.Downloading and installing drivers manually is a process that carries the risk of getting the wrong driver installed, which may lead to severe malfunctions in your system.

So the safest and easiest way to update drivers on a Windows computer is by using a third-party tool. We strongly recommend DriverFix.

It scans your system, automatically identifies each device on your computer, and matches it with the latest driver versions from an extensive online database.

Drivers can then be updated in batches or one at a time without you having to make any complex decisions in the process.

10 Quick Ways to Fix HyperX Problems on Windows 10 (8)


Update all your audio outdated drivers with just a few clicks and your HyperX Cloud II heaset will work like a charm afterward.

Free trial
Visit website

2. Make sure that your microphone is unmuted

Some users mentioned that they were unable to adjust the microphone volume. The solution to this problem is relatively simple: you have to check the USB dongle that comes with the gaming headset.

There’s a small Mute switch on it, so make sure to press it to unmute the microphone. After doing that, the problem should disappear. It’s worth mentioning that the USB dongle also has its microphone control keys, so adjust the volume of your microphone from here.

Lastly, double-check if the headset is correctly connected to the USB dongle. To fix this problem, firmly connect your headset to the USB dongle and check if that solves the HyperX headset not working issue on Windows 10.

Expert tip:


Some PC issues are hard to tackle, especially when it comes to corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having troubles fixing an error, your system may be partially broken.
We recommend installing Restoro, a tool that will scan your machine and identify what the fault is.
Click hereto download and start repairing.

Also, find out what to do if other headsets are not working in Windows 10.

(Video) How to Fix Software Installation Error in Windows 10/8.1/7 Fail Can’t Install

3. Connect your headset to a different USB port

HyperX Cloud II is a USB headset, meaning many USB-related problems can affect it. For example, although the USB 3.0 standard is gaining popularity, several users reported that this headset isn’t working correctly with this USB version.

So instead of using USB 3.0, try to connect your headset to a USB 2.0 port and check if that solves the issue. In addition, some users suggest you use the ports on the back of your computer instead of the front ones, which are more likely to be faulty.

4. Check your audio device settings

  1. Press Windows + S, enter Change system sounds in the text field, and choose the relevant search result from the menu.
  2. Go to the Recording tab, right-click the empty space, and check the Show Disabled Devices and Disconnected Devices options.
  3. Now locate your microphone, right-click on it, and choose Enable from the menu.
  4. Click on OK to save changes.

Some users also suggested deactivating and reactivating the microphone to fix this problem. You can easily do it by choosing Disable and Enable from the Sound window.

5. Use the sound troubleshooter

  1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings app, and click on the Update & Security section.
  2. Choose Troubleshoot from the navigation pane on the left.
  3. Click on Additional troubleshooters here.
  4. Now select Recording Audio and click on the Run the troubleshooter button.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose the relevant response when prompted to complete the troubleshooting process.

Running the built-in troubleshooter is probably one of the simplest methods to fix HyperX problems in Windows 10. But remember that it would only work if Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and a solution is available.

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6. Update the firmware

If you’re having microphone problems with your HyperX Cloud II headphones, you might be able to fix them by upgrading the firmware since it’s critical for the effective functioning of the device.

Note that firmware update is an advanced procedure, and it can cause irreversible damage to your headphones if not done right, so exercise caution.

If you intend to update it, download the firmware update for HyperX Cloud II from the official support website. The updates for other devices, too, can be found on the support website.

7. Try using an audio splitter

Users reported that the microphone wasn’t recognized on their HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones. They mentioned one might be able to circumvent this problem by using an audio splitter.

This small device comes with two 3.5mm ports, one for audio and one for the microphone. This isn’t the best solution, but it’s a decent workaround, so you might want to try it if you’re having problems with the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset in Windows 10.

8. Update the drivers

  1. Press Windows + R to launch the Run command, enter devmgmt.msc in the text field, and click OK to open the Device Manager.
  2. Locate your audio driver, right-click it and choose Update driver.
  3. Select Search automatically for drivers.
  4. Windows will now check for driver updates and install new drivers.
  5. After the new driver is installed, restart your PC.

We have to mention that Device Manager is the simplest way to update your audio drivers but not necessarily the most efficient one. Usually, Device Manager doesn’t download the latest drivers, which can be a problem. And

To ensure you have the latest drivers, download these from the motherboard or sound card manufacturer’s official website.

Better yet, use the dedicated tool recommended in the first solution, DriverFix, and you’ll surely get the correct components in no time.

9. Use the remote control to adjust the microphone

Some HyperX headsets have a remote control that allows you to control your microphone or adjust your audio.

Using the remote control, you can adjust your headset’s microphone sensitivity, so be sure to do that.

Few users reported that this method solved the problem for them. If the previous ones didn’t help, try this one.

10. Check your headset wires

If you’re having any problems with the HyperX headset in Windows 10, you might be able to fix them by checking the cable. In some cases, your cable is damaged, and you might be able to fix it by taping the affected area.

To verify if the cable is the culprit, you might want to try the headset on a different PC and check if the same appears. If it does, you now know what’s causing the problem and its solution.

How can I fix HyperX problems on Windows 11?

The solutions remain the same with Windows 11 as they were for Windows 10. However, a couple of additional measures you may undertake are as follows:

(Video) How to Fix No Enhancement Tab in Sound Settings on Windows 10

  • Look for applications that might control the Bluetooth functionality or the sound settings and uninstall them.
  • If the problem started after updating the OS, revert to the previous version.
  • Performing a system restore might do the trick.
  • Disable apps from accessing the microphone.
  • As a last resort, you may reset Windows 11 to factory settings.

Is there software for HyperX?

There are a series of software that allows you to customize some of HyperX’s features. A good example is the HyperX NGENUITY software that is available for download in Microsoft Store

HyperX series offers a great range of gaming hardware, but as you may have noticed, some of its products have had problems in Windows 10. Though the solutions are simple, you should have them working in no time.

Also, find out how to optimize the PC for gaming and run even the most resource-hungry games seamlessly.

If you have any other suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below, and we’ll be sure to take a look.

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  • gaming headsets
  • windows 10

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    10 Quick Ways to Fix HyperX Problems on Windows 10 (23)


    (Video) Sound Card Not Detected In Windows 10 – How To Fix?


    How do I get HyperX to work on my computer? ›

    Cloud Alpha Wireless PC Setup
    1. Connect the wireless USB adapter to the PC.
    2. Power on the headset.
    3. Right click speaker icon > Select Open Sound settings > Select Sound Control Panel.
    4. Under the Playback tab, click on “HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless” and click on the Set Default button.

    Why is my HyperX headset not working? ›

    Make sure the HyperX Cloud 2 headset is properly plugged into the computer and there isn't a tiny gap in between the microphone jack and the microphone port on the ear cup. If there is, give the microphone jack a push until it clicks into place.

    How do I reset my HyperX headphones? ›

    To reset, power off the headset and plug the wireless adapter into a USB port on a PC or laptop. Once the LED on the adapter starts to blink, insert a small paper-clip into the hole on the wireless adapter. Press and hold the paper-clip for approximately 10-12 seconds or until the LED stops blinking and starts again.

    How do I get my HyperX headset to work? ›

    Connect your headset directly to your computer, game console, or other device (phone or tablet) that has a 3.5mm audio jack. Connect the headset's 3.5mm audio jack to the input jack on the USB control box. The USB control box then connects to a computer using the USB connector on the end of the control box.

    Does HyperX have a software? ›

    HyperX NGENUITY is a powerful and intuitive software that will allow you to personalize your compatible HyperX products. Set button bindings, program and store macros, and customize lighting; HyperX NGENUITY gives you as much control as you want.

    How do I fix HyperX keyboard not working? ›

    Make sure that the USB-C cable is properly plugged into the keyboard as well as the computer. If the keyboard is still unresponsive, try using a different USB cable. Any male USB-C to male USB-A will work. If the keyboard is now functioning, then the stock cable is no longer working.

    How can I fix my headset problem? ›

    You can try cleaning it. Dust, lint and dirt are often the culprits, so check the connection between the jack and the headphones, and clean the jack if necessary, using a cotton swab damped with some rubbing alcohol, or use a can of compressed air. Plug the headphones back in and see if they work.

    What does the 7.1 button do on HyperX headset? ›

    While the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is also a 3.5mm gaming headset, it includes a USB adapter with an audio control unit. There are buttons here for turning on the included 7.1 virtual surround sound and managing game and chat audio.

    Why is my gaming headset not working? ›

    Try the following solutions: If your headset has a Mute button, make sure it isn't active. Make sure that your microphone or headset is connected correctly to your computer. Make sure that your microphone or headset is the system default recording device.

    What does factory resetting your headset do? ›

    If you run into problems with your headset or want to clear all of your data off of the headset, you can perform a factory reset. This wipes everything off your headset and returns it to the software state that it was in when you first took it out of the box.

    How do I reset my headset on my computer? ›

    Here's how:
    1. In the search box on the taskbar, type control panel, then select it from the results.
    2. Select Hardware and Sound from the Control Panel, and then select Sound.
    3. On the Playback tab, select and hold (or right-click) the listing for your audio device, select Set as Default Device, and then select OK.

    How do I reset my headset settings? ›

    Restore each sound device to its default settings
    1. Open the Settings app and click Sound, then scroll down to select More sound settings.
    2. This will open a new menu that lists out all your audio output and input devices. ...
    3. In the pop-up that appears, click the Advanced tab, then click Restore Defaults at the bottom.
    Nov 3, 2022

    Why can't I hear out of my HyperX headset? ›

    Check your system's audio settings to make sure it's outputting audio to your headphone jack. Also check the volume settings to make sure it's not toggled off or low.

    How do I turn on HyperX mode? ›

    To enable or disable game mode, press the FN + F12. There is a game mode light in the upper right corner to indicate if it is on or off.

    How do I reset my HyperX keyboard? ›

    You can perform a factory reset of your keyboard by pressing and holding FN + ESC until the keyboard back light flashes once. This applies to our Alloy keyboards with the exception of the Alloy Elite and Alloy Elite RGB.

    What happened to HyperX? ›

    HP today announced that it is acquiring HyperX from the gaming peripheral's current parent, Kingston Technology Company. Under the terms of the deal, HP will pay $425 million for the brand, including HyperX's various lines of headsets, keyboards, mice, microphones, and so on.

    Who owns HyperX? ›

    Kingston Technology sold HyperX to HP Inc. in June 2021 for $425 million The deal only includes computer peripherals branded as HyperX, not memory or storage. Kingston retains ownership of the memory and storage products, which it has rebranded as Kingston FURY.

    Is HyperX good for PC? ›

    For the price, there are better, more comfortable options from the likes of Razer, SteelSeries, Logitech, and even HyperX. This headset works great on both PC and PlayStation 4. Gamers looking for something wireless should check out the HyperX Cloud Flight and Cloud Flight S.

    How do we reset keyboard? ›

    To reset a wireless keyboard:
    1. Turn off your keyboard.
    2. With the keyboard turned off, hold down the ESC key.
    3. While holding down the ESC key, turn on your keyboard.
    4. After about 2 to 5 seconds, release the ESC key. You will see the keyboard lighting flash if the reset is successful.

    What causes keyboard keys to stop working? ›

    Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris can fall into the keyboard over time and obstruct a key's movement or interfere with its circuitry. Try removing the key that isn't working, and clean the area under and around it.

    How do you fix keyboard failure? ›

    What to do if your laptop keyboard isn't working
    1. Restart the laptop. ...
    2. Clean the keyboard. ...
    3. See if it's a hardware issue. ...
    4. Check your keyboard drivers and settings. ...
    5. Make sure you have the right keyboard layout. ...
    6. Plug in an external keyboard.
    Nov 19, 2021

    How do I fix my headset on Windows 10? ›

    Right-click on your audio driver and select Update Driver. Click on Search automatically for updated driver software. If Windows can find an updated driver, it will automatically download and install the update to your computer. Restart your PC and test if the headphones or headphone jack issue is solved.

    Why are my headphones crackling? ›

    A loose or partially plugged in pair of headphones will often crackle due to a poor electrical connection. Loose Wires: The rubber casing around wires can be bent and loosen or disconnect the electronic signal the wires are trying to send which may cause crackling noises in the headphones.

    Why is my headset not working on PC? ›

    Your computer not recognizing your headphones is a fairly common issue in Windows 10 PCs. It could be caused by a corrupt or outdated driver, faulty USB ports (if your headset uses USB), an error in the connection (in case of Bluetooth, for example), or an issue with the headphones themselves.

    How do I turn on surround sound on HyperX? ›

    There are only a few controls: a volume dial on the right earcup and power and mic mute buttons on the left. The latter do double duty: tap the power button to toggle 7.1 surround mode and hold the mute button for a few seconds to toggle mic monitoring.

    How do I turn my HyperX mic up? ›

    From the Sound control panel, on the Playback tab, right-click on Speakers HyperX QuadCast and select Properties. On the Levels tab, adjust the Microphone volume slider to adjust the level of microphone monitoring.

    How can I make my HyperX headset sound better? ›

    We'll explain how to do this.
    1. Right-click the sound icon in the taskbar. click on 'Sounds'.
    2. Open the 'Record' tab and click on your HyperX headset. ...
    3. Click on your HyperX headset again and click on 'Properties'.
    4. Go to the 'Levels' tab and drag the slider all the way to the right. ...
    5. Click 'OK' to save your changes.
    Jan 4, 2023

    How do you reset a gaming headset? ›

    To soft reset your headset:
    1. Make sure your headset is currently unplugged.
    2. Make sure your headset is powered off.
    3. Hold the Mute button on the headset down for about 15 seconds.
    4. Hold down the power button until the headset turns on.
    5. Test your headset and see if the issue is resolved.

    Why does my headset have no sound? ›

    Check the volume level and connection of your headphones and audio source. If your headphones connect via Bluetooth, ensure that the headphones and your audio source are paired and connected properly. If you are using a computer, make sure your headset is selected as the playback device in your audio settings.

    How do I reset my headset on Windows? ›

    Here's how to reset the firmware:
    1. Plug the USB cable into your Windows 10/11 PC or into a USB power adapter (not included) for a wall outlet.
    2. Press and hold the power button on your headphones.
    3. While still holding down the power button, connect the USB-C end to your headphones.
    4. Release the power button.

    Will a factory reset fix audio issues? ›

    A reset will restore your PC to its default settings, which can help fix audio problems. However, a reset will also erase any personal files and data on your PC, so be sure to back up your files before resetting.

    How do I setup my headset settings? ›

    Computer Headsets: How to Set the Headset as the Default Audio Device
    1. In the search box on the taskbar, type control panel, and then select Control Panel.
    2. Click Hardware and Sound.
    3. Under the Sound tab, click Manage Audio Devices.
    4. On the Playback tab, click your headset, and then click the Set Default button.
    Aug 19, 2022

    Can you reset a headset? ›

    Unplug the headphones from their charging port. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Wait for the LED light to blink to indicate that you have successfully reset your headphones.

    How do I restore my sound? ›

    How do I fix “no sound” on my computer?
    1. Check your volume settings. ...
    2. Restart or change your audio device. ...
    3. Install or update audio or speaker drivers. ...
    4. Disable audio enhancements. ...
    5. Update the BIOS.
    Apr 23, 2020

    How do I reset my Realtek audio settings? ›

    Fix Realtek Audio Issues with a Rollback
    1. Find Your Realtek Driver in Device Manager. Open the Device Manager and go to your Sound, Video and Game Controllers. ...
    2. Manually Rollback to Previous Versions. With the driver information up, click the Driver tab at the top of the menu. ...
    3. Restart Your PC Again.

    Do HyperX headphones last long? ›

    Best HyperX Headset

    They last over 300 hours continuously, so you don't have to worry about charging them up each time you use them. They also have a wireless design with low latency, ensuring that your audio and visuals stay in sync during the heat of the moment.

    What is HyperX game mode? ›

    What Is Game Mode On A Keyboard? During gaming mode in keyboards, it prevents unintentional use of Windows key.As well as optimizing the effect of anti-ghosting, it can prevent your keyboard from ghosting at all.

    Does HyperX mic have a software? ›

    The HyperX QuadCast S is basically the QuadCast but with NGenuity software that lets you customize the lighting effects. You can do other more useful things with the PC app like adjust the volume, monitor headphone volume, and indicate the selected polar pattern too.

    How do I set up HyperX keyboard? ›

    1- Connect the Mini USB connector to the keyboard. 2- Connect both USB connectors to the computer. Function keys: Press “FN” and a function key at the same time to activate its secondary feature.

    How do I reset my HyperX software? ›

    To reset, hold the f + ESC for 3 seconds.

    How do I factory reset my Hyperx alloy? ›

    To factory reset the Alloy Origins 65 keyboard, press and hold the LEFT ALT, SPACE, and FN keys simultaneously for 5 seconds.

    How do I fix HyperX keyboard flashing? ›

    Conversation. Try resetting your device. Hold down the top-left three buttons of your keyboard. The LED Brightness, Profile, and Game Mode buttons for seven seconds until the backlight flashes.

    Does HyperX headset work on PC? ›

    HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset, 7.1 Surround Sound, Memory Foam Ear Pads, Durable Aluminum Frame, Detachable Microphone, Works with PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One – Red.

    What does the 7.1 button do on HyperX? ›

    While the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is also a 3.5mm gaming headset, it includes a USB adapter with an audio control unit. There are buttons here for turning on the included 7.1 virtual surround sound and managing game and chat audio.

    Why is my headset audio not working? ›

    Dust, lint and dirt are often the culprits, so check the connection between the jack and the headphones, and clean the jack if necessary, using a cotton swab damped with some rubbing alcohol, or use a can of compressed air. Plug the headphones back in and see if they work.

    How do I fix my headset hearing? ›

    Here are some methods that'll help you figure out if your phone, laptop, or PC is at the root of your audio issues:
    1. Try another pair of headphones.
    2. Restart the device.
    3. Check the settings.
    4. Update the software and drivers.
    5. Clean the headphone jack.
    Jan 30, 2023

    How do I troubleshoot an audio headset? ›

    For wireless headsets, ensure it is fully charged and turned on. For headsets with in-line volume or headset volume controls, ensure it is not set too low. Make sure the headset is set as the default device. Right-click on the speaker icon on the system tray and select “Open Sound settings”.

    How do I fix my Windows key not working? ›

    How to Fix Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10 and 11? Quick Patch Included.
    1. Check whether it is a hardware issue.
    2. Check your Start menu.
    3. Disable gaming mode.
    4. Use the Win Lock key.
    5. Disable the Filter Keys option.
    6. Enable the Windows logo key via Windows Registry.
    7. Restart your Windows/File Explorer.

    What is the gaming mode key? ›

    Enable Gaming Mode using key combinations: For full-sized and tenkeyless keyboards: Press fn + F10. For mini or 60% and 65% smaller keyboards: Press fn + U.

    Is HyperX a good brand? ›

    Overall, HyperX makes durable and sturdy gaming headsets at an affordable price with excellent noise-filtering microphones. Most of their headsets are wired, which is great if you prefer to plug and play without worrying about latency.


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