5 Best Headphones With Mic Of 2019 (2023)

We buy our own products and put them under the same testing methodology so that you can easily compare them. Unlike most websites, we do not get our products directly from the manufacturers, which means our units aren’t handpicked and actually represent what you would buy yourself. We spend a lot of time comparing the products side-by-side to validate our results and we keep them until they are discontinued so we can continually go back and make sure our reviews are always accurate.

Headphones are usually made for listening to music, but most multi-purpose headsets typically have a microphone that can be used for calls or even online gaming. There are different types of microphones and they don’t perform the same, so depending on your use, some headsets may be better than others. We’ve tested over 340 headphones so far and below are our top picks for the best headphones with a microphone, depending on the use, to buy in 2019.

Jabra Elite 85h: Versatile noise-canceling over-ears with a fairly good integrated mic

Jabra Elite 85h


Type: Over-ear

Enclosure: Closed-back

Noise Cancelling: Yes

Wireless: Yes (can also be used wired)

The best headphones for most uses with a decent microphone that we’ve tested so far are the Jabra Elite 85h. They’re comfortable, well-built over-ear headphones that have an easy-to-use physical control scheme. They support Bluetooth 5.0 and can even connect to two devices at once, which is handy if you often take frequent calls on both your smartphone and on your work computer.

Their microphone produces speech that sounds clear and detailed in quiet environments like an empty meeting room. Speech will lack a bit of airiness and will sound relatively thin, but it will still be easily understandable, especially if there isn’t much background noise. These headphones have an outstanding 34-hour battery life too, so even if you participate in numerous lengthy conference calls throughout the day, you shouldn’t run out of power for a while.

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Like most Bluetooth headphones, the Jabra Elite 85h have a microphone that doesn’t handle noise very well. It does a decent job in moderately noisy environments like a lively office but will struggle in noisier environments like a busy street or a subway station. That said, it’s still the best microphone we’ve tetedon Bluetooth over-ear headphones that aren’t designed specifically for gaming.


Jabra Elite 65e: Comfortable Bluetooth earbuds with a decent mic

Type: In-ear

Enclosure: Closed-back

Noise Cancelling: Yes

Wireless: Yes

If you’re looking for Bluetooth earbuds with the best microphone, go with the Jabra Elite 65e. They don’t reproduce audio as accurately as the Jabra Elite 85h, but they’re more portable. The earbuds can easily be carried around, and their flexible neckband design ensures that they will always be within arm’s reach when you need them. They have a wireless in-line microphone on the right cable of the neckband that actually performs alright, considering these earbuds are Bluetooth.

Similarly designed earbuds tend to have a mic integrated into the neckband, but this mic sits closer to your mouth, which can help with the recording quality. Their mic separates voices from ambient noise fairly well, even in moderately noisy environments, and speech will be intelligible for the most part, especially in quieter conditions.

Unfortunately, these earbuds don’t have the best battery life, especially when compared to over-ear headphones. With 8 hours of continuous playback, if you need to take a business call when you’ve been listening to music all day, they might run out of power. On the upside, they have good noise isolation, so you’ll be able to focus on your conversation provided you get the right fit with the earbud tips.

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1More Triple Driver: Best in-line wired microphone that works with all devices

1More Triple Driver


Type: In-ear

Enclosure: Closed-back

Noise Cancelling: No

Wireless: No

If you have multiple devices with a headphone jack and want a versatile pair of headphones with a microphone that will work with everything, then go with the 1More Triple Driver. These wired headphones won’t offer the freedom of wireless headphones, but their recording quality is quite good.

Recorded speech will sound open and be easily understandable, especially in quiet environments. The 1/8” TRRS audio cable with the in-line remote is compatible with consoles, PCs, and with both Android and iOS devices. This makes them one of the more versatile wired in-ears for taking calls. You also never have to worry about their battery dying during an important conversation since they are wired and completely passive.

Unfortunately, the in-ear fit isn’t the most comfortable and might get fatiguing if you have long conference calls or if you decide to use them when online gaming. On the upside, the slightly angled earbuds and 9 tip options help with comfort. They’re also very portable headphones, so you can take a call basically anywhere.


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SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless: Gaming headphones with an excellent boom microphone

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless


Type: Over-ear

Enclosure: Closed-back

Noise Cancelling: No

Wireless: Yes (can also be used wired)

The gaming headphones with the best microphone that we’ve tested so far are the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless. They’re comfortable, well-built headphones that come with a unique base transmitter that lets you game wirelessly while mixing audio from a Bluetooth source as well. This means you can use their microphone while gaming on your PC or PS4 as well as on your smartphone.

While most Bluetooth or regular wired headphones have microphones that struggle to separate speech from ambient noise, gaming headsets tend to fare much better. This headset, in particular, has outstanding noise handling, even in the most demanding conditions, like a noisy gaming event or conference. In quiet environments, like while gaming at home alone, the mic also sounds excellent and produces full-bodied, clear, and highly intelligible speech.

Unfortunately, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless are lacking some more advanced microphone controls that other gaming headsets have. Normally this wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but there have also been reports that the mic can sound too quiet on certain consoles and mobile devices. There are a number of solutions online, but better mic controls would definitely have been nice. That said, the mic is still great and the headphones perform very well overall.


Logitech G433: Versatile gaming headphones with an in-line mic for casual use

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Logitech G433


Type: Over-ear

Enclosure: Closed-back

Noise Cancelling: No

Wireless: No

If you’re looking for headphones that have a microphone good enough for online gaming but are casual enough to replace your daily drivers, then consider the Logitech G433. They’re wired gaming headphones that are very versatile thanks to their numerous microphone and cable options. They come with a detachable boom microphone and a regular audio cable for use while gaming, but also have an additional cable that comes with an in-line mic and remote for use on the go.

They have one of the best boom microphones we’ve tested so far, with superb noise handling and recording quality fit for any environment. It performs virtually as well in noisy situations as it does in the quietest of rooms, and produces speech that sounds natural, full-bodied, and present. Although we didn’t test the in-line microphone, we expect it to perform similarly to other in-line mics we’ve reviewed – with overall good recording quality and okay noise handling.

On the downside, they don’t look like the most premium headphones. They’re rather plasticky and their ear cups are covered in a rough fabric that looks unique but is prone to tearing. That said, they’re rather reasonably priced and provide pretty good value overall.


This guide may have been updated. To see all our measurements and our current recommendations for the best gaming headphones with a microphone, please go here.

If you're interested in wireless earbuds, check out our guidehere. Or, if you're interested in over-ear headphones perfect for working out,hereare some great options.

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Which company is best for headphones with mic? ›

The 17 Best Headphone Brands - Fall 2022 Reviews
  • Bose. Bose QuietComfort 45/QC45 Wireless. ...
  • Sony. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless. ...
  • Apple. Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless. ...
  • Sennheiser. Sennheiser HD 800 S. ...
  • Audio-Technica. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. ...
  • Beyerdynamic. Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO. ...
  • JBL. JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS True Wireless. ...
  • Beats.
14 Oct 2022

Which is the No 1 headset brand? ›

1. Sennheiser. Known for its world-class products, Sennheiser is probably the most sought-after headphone brand in the world. Founded in 1945, Sennheiser offers a number of headphones across a wide range of audio products.

Which is the best wired headphones with mic? ›

1-16 of over 60,000 results for "best headphones with mic"
  • Logitech H390 Wired On Ear Headphones With Mic (Black) ...
  • Boult Audio Bass Buds Q2 Lightweight Stereo Wired Over Ear Headphones Set with Mic with Deep Bass, Comfortable Ear Cushions, & Long Cord (Black)

What headset has the best quality? ›

The best headsets in 2022
  1. HyperX Cloud II. The best headset for all-round use. ...
  2. Razer Kraken X. The best cheap headset. ...
  3. Audio-Technica ATH-G1. The best headset for gamers. ...
  4. Jabra Evolve2 75. The best headset for home working. ...
  5. Logitech H800. ...
  6. Koss SB45. ...
  7. Plantronics (Poly) Voyager Focus UC. ...
  8. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro.
27 Sept 2022

What are headphones with mic called? ›

1. What Are Headsets? Headsets look like a headphone but have a microphone attached to it. The Mic can also be removed depending on the use and make.

Is JBL or Sennheiser better? ›

Side-by-Side Comparison

The JBL are more comfortable, have a more neutral sound profile, and have longer continuous battery life. Their companion app also offers a parametric EQ, which some users may prefer. However, the Sennheiser are better built.

Is JBL a good brand for headphones? ›

Overall, JBL makes feature-packed headphones that usually have a well-balanced sound as they tend to closely follow the Harman curve. However, their design and fit may not always be the most comfortable, and despite their price, they have a plasticky build that can feel a bit cheap.

Which is best audio brand? ›

The 9 Best Speaker Brands - Fall 2022 Reviews
  • Amazon. Amazon Echo Studio. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Anker. Anker Soundcore Motion+ SEE PRICE. ...
  • Apple. Apple HomePod mini. SEARCH. ...
  • Bose. Bose Portable Smart Speaker. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Google. Google Nest Audio. SEARCH. ...
  • JBL. JBL PartyBox 310. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Sonos. Sonos Move. SEE PRICE. ...
  • Sony. Sony XP700. SEE PRICE.

Which brand is best for wired earphones? ›

  • boAt Bassheads 100 in Ear Wired Earphones. ...
  • JBL C100SI by Harman In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones. ...
  • Sennheiser CX 80 wired In-Ear Headphone. ...
  • realme Buds 2 Headphone. ...
  • Sony MDR-EX150AP Wired In-Ear Headphones. ...
  • Zebronics Corolla Wired Earphone. ...
  • boAt Bassheads 242 Wired Sports Earphones.
7 Oct 2022

Is Sony a good headphone brand? ›

Sony makes some of the best headphones on the planet right now, so its wares should be high on your list. Whether you're after in-ear, on-ear, wireless or noise-cancelling headphones, there's a pair of Sony's for you.

Why wired headphones are better? ›

Better sound quality

To provide great sound quality, wired headphones use analog signals. This can handle more data than digital signals like Bluetooth. This means that your audio won't have to go through so much processing to reach you. Thus, they can skip audio compression and deliver it in its full resolution.

Which earphone is best for interview? ›

Closed-back headphones

This style is one of the most popular options available today. Some of the most common benefits of closed-back headphones include: Minimal sound leakage: The hard outer shell of these headphones traps sound inside, which limits the amount of noise other people can hear.

What headsets do pros use? ›

What headsets do pro gamers use in 2021? While professional gamers use different headsets, we've found that most of them use the HyperX Cloud II, Sennheiser Game Zero, and Razer Kraken 7.1 V2.

What's the best brand for gaming headsets? ›

Best Gaming Headset

The best headset for gaming we've tested is the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox. These feature-packed headphones come in either a PlayStation/PC or Xbox/PC variant. However, the Xbox variant is compatible with both consoles, making them a solid choice if you game across platforms.

What are the three types of headphones? ›

The three basic variations headphones styles are: Over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear.
  • Over-Ear Headphones. The biggest of the three types, over-ear headphones surround or cup your ear and stay on via light pressure on your temple and upper jaw. ...
  • On-Ear Headphones. ...
  • Closed-Back Headphones.

Which is the best headphones with mic for laptop? ›

  • BigPassport USB Wired Over Ear Headphones with Noise-Cancelling with mic for PC & Laptop, Model- Pro-Boom 189 Black_Silver. ...
  • Logitech H390 Wired On Ear Headphones With Mic (Black) ...
  • Hp Stereo 3.5Mm G2 Wired Over Ear Headphones with Vegan Leather Earcups, with Mic, Volume Control and Mute Button (428H6Aa, Black)

What's better earphones or headphones? ›

Over-the-ear headphones are a much better choice than earbuds. Not only do you not have to worry about funneling sound directly into your eardrums, but most over-the-ear headphones are also, as a general rule, more comfortable to wear than earbuds.

Which is the best brand earbuds? ›

The best wireless earbuds in 2022
  • Sony WF-1000XM4.
  • Jabra Elite 3.
  • Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II.
  • Beats Fit Pro.
  • Apple AirPods Pro (second generation)
  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.
  • Google Pixel Buds Pro.
  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3.
27 Sept 2022

Why is Skullcandy so popular? ›

Skullcandy headphones are a great choice for casual music consumers. They offer impressive sound performance for their asking price and provide a comfortable fit for long periods of use.

Which is best JBL or Skullcandy? ›

The JBL can connect to two devices simultaneously and have an in-line microphone, which the Skullcandy lacks. On the other hand, the wireless range of the Skullcandy is significantly better, and they take half the time to charge for about the same battery life.

Is AKG better than JBL? ›

Our Verdict. The AKG N700NC are better headphones than the JBL Everest Elite 700. The AKG earpads have better cushioning, don't feel as stiff as on the JBL, and have a more neutral sound. On the other hand, the JBL isolate more ambient noise and leak less, which makes them a slightly better choice for commuting.

Is JBL better than Bose? ›

JBL speakers come with subwoofers, and the bass effect is better than Bose speakers. On top of that, the JBL speakers are also larger than Bose speakers, and their radiators have higher vibration levels to emit better and deeper bass tones.

Why is JBL so popular? ›

JBL became a prominent supplier to the tour sound industry, their loudspeakers being employed by touring rock acts and music festivals. JBL products were the basis for the development of THX loudspeaker standard, which resulted in JBL becoming a popular cinema loudspeaker manufacturer.

Why are Bose headphones so good? ›

Bose is a well-known brand, popular for its excellent noise cancelling and incredibly comfortable designs. They produce well-rounded and versatile headphones that also deliver in the sound department.

Which AirPod has the best microphone? ›

The AirPods (2nd generation) has a decent microphone unit that outperforms most of its competitors, thanks to the sensors and accelerometers packed into the housings in ideal settings.

Does AirPods have a microphone? ›

There's a microphone in each AirPod, so you can make phone calls and use Siri. By default, Microphone is set to Automatic, so that either of your AirPods can act as the microphone. If you're using only one AirPod, that AirPod will be the microphone. You can also set Microphone to Always Left or Always Right.

Is Bluetooth 5.0 the best? ›

While there are plenty of differences, the following stand out as the most impactful advantages of Bluetooth 5.0: Higher bandwidth: While Bluetooth 4.2 transmits data at 1 Mbps, Bluetooth 5.0 doubles that to 2 Mbps. Longer range: Bluetooth 4.2 can hold connection to another device for a maximum of 60 meters (200 feet).

Which is the best brand for wireless earphones? ›

  • Top Bluetooth wireless earphones you can consider buying. Sep 10, 2021. ...
  • Top choice. Sennheiser CX 120BT Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Neckband Headphone with Mic (Black) ...
  • Second choice. realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Bluetooth in Ear Earphones with Mic, Fast Charging & Up to 17Hrs Playtime (Black) ...
  • Can also be considered.

Which headphones are best for Zoom calls? ›

  • Sony WH-1000XM5. Amazon. $399.99 at Best Buy. ...
  • Jabra Elite 45h. Amazon. $99.99 at Best Buy. ...
  • Shure AONIC 50. Amazon. ...
  • Apple AirPods Pro (2nd generation) Amazon. ...
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset. Amazon. ...
  • Logitech G435 Lightspeed. All prices listed in USD unless otherwise specified. ...
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. Amazon.
28 Sept 2022

Do all headphones have mic? ›

Not all headphones have built-in microphones. Though many headphones/earphones have a mic installed internally or inline, many budget models do without, lowering their cost. Furthermore, professional and audiophile-grade headphones rarely have mics since they're designed specifically as headphones.

Which is better AirPods Pro or 3? ›

As a result, the third-generation AirPods should be the default choice for most prospective buyers. You should only buy the ‌AirPods Pro‌ if you specifically prefer the fit of in-ear silicone tips or you need Active Noise Cancellation.

Do AirPods 3 have a mic? ›

Each AirPods 3 earbud has three microphones

The new earbuds feature an AirPods Pro-like design complete with shorter stems and a redesigned shape to make them fit people's ears better than before.

Are AirPods good for calls? ›

They work really well for calls. The battery life is cut in half for calls though. It's not that big of a deal though because you can use one at a time. I usually just use one for calls and if the battery gets low, which happens a lot) I just switch to the other one and pop the low one back in the case.

Can I use iPhone as a microphone? ›

You can stream sound from the microphone on iPhone to your Made For iPhone (MFi) hearing devices or AirPods. This can help you hear better in some situations—for example, when having a conversation in a noisy environment.

Do beats have a mic? ›

Do the Beats Studio3 Wireless have an microphone? Yes, the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones have a microphone. You can also use the “b” logo on the right ear cup to answer or reject phone calls.


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