Best 4 Soundcloud to MP3 Downloaders for Desktop and Online [100% working] (2023)

The website Soundcloud streams several types of audio. While the site's first purpose was to serve music fans, it has expanded to include a wide variety of audio recordings, such as sports broadcasts, books, academic talks, stories, and news reports.

To get music from Soundcloud onto your computer, you may use a program called Soundcloud to MP3 converter. In this guide, we'll discuss many of the best Soundcloud MP3 converter programs so you can pick the one that works best for you. Let’s take a look.

Part 1. Best Converter/Downloader to Convert Soundcloud to MP3--HitPaw Video Converter

The HitPaw Video Converter program is a three-in-one video tool that can be used to convert, download, and edit not only videos but music as well. You can easily download or convert your favorite song from Soundcloud in MP3 format using HitPaw Video Converter.

When we use HitPaw Video Converter, we can quickly and easily download whole YouTube channels or playlists without any delays or watermarks, and we can even listen to Apple Music and download videos from Tik Tok without any hassle. Both the video converter and editor in HitPaw Video Converter have been fine-tuned for optimal performance. It is the best Soundcloud to MP3 converter.

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The following are some of the basic features of the HitPaw Video Converter:

  • Convert video for over a thousand devices and file types
  • You may easily download videos from over ten thousand websites.
  • Super-fast, mass downloads of playlists and channels (Windows version only).
  • iTunes music, audiobooks, and podcasts may all be converted.
  • A video's quality may be improved with the use of a few more editing tools.
  • Quicker video conversion with no quality loss, 90 times faster.

Let’s take a look at how to download music from Soundcloud in MP3 format using HitPaw Video Converter and Soundcloud song downloader:

  • Step 1.Download and start up HitPaw Video Converter and head to its Downloads section.

  • Step 2.The first step in downloading music is to open the site in the system browser and copy the URL.

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  • Step 3.Switch back to the Download screen. The UI will immediately update to include the pasted link upon clicking the Paste URL icon.

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  • Step 4.As soon as you paste the URL, HitPaw Video Converter will immediately begin checking it out. This software will show the visual and audio data that the source video or audio file gives. HitPaw Video Converter supports the downloading of videos up to 8K in resolution. File format, subtitle, and cover art thumbnail download options are all customizable.

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  • Step 5.To begin downloading the music MP3, click the download button.

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  • Step 6.Once the MP3 download is finished, it will appear under the Finished menu option. You may either start editing the downloaded audio immediately, play it with the built-in player, or verify the converted files by opening the output folder(s).

Part 2. Other 3 Soundcloud Downloaders to MP3 on Desktop

1. DVDFab

DVDFab's sound cloud to MP3 Downloader has a secret weapon: a built-in SoundCloud downloader that allows you to quickly and easily download songs from SoundCloud in bulk. This SoundCloud MP3 downloader is simple to use and provides a safe, worry-free app environment in which to download music from SoundCloud.

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  • Pros:
  • Accessible on both Android-powered mobile devices and traditional desktop computers.

    More than a thousand supported websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    The download speed is 10 times faster in batches.

  • Cons:
  • Unfortunately, the only possible output format is MP3, which makes it more expensive than similar downloaders that also support video downloading.

2. 4K YouTube to MP3

As a robust SoundCloud to MP3 320kbps downloader program, 4K YouTube to MP3 provides straightforward download processes to help in the understanding of online video/audio material from any and all famous streaming sites, including SoundCloud.

The app's built-in proxy configuration and "smart mode" function ensure that users from any location may enjoy the best possible music-downloading procedure.

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  • Pros:
  • The best YouTube video, playlist, and channel download experience.

    Quick downloads and a fluid experience within the app.

    Possibility of obtaining unedited, uncompressed audio.

  • Cons:
  • For whatever reason, the proxy configuration would fail occasionally.

3. Allavsoft

Built as a robust downloader, Allavsoft allows you to save music and movies from more than a thousand services like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, etc. in popular file formats including MP3 and FLAC. Whether you're interested in using this SoundCloud audio downloader, you may try it out for free first to see if it meets your needs. It is a great way to download Soundcloud songs to MP3.

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  • Pros:
  • Getting your music off of SoundCloud and onto your MP3 player is a breeze.

    Supported music streaming services include the names of the aforementioned as well as the lesser-known Deezer, Tidal, etc.

    Simple, straightforward navigation and operation.

  • Cons:
  • Allavsoft's price tag is a little high.

Part 3. 4 Soundcloud to MP3 Online Converters for Free


There are more than a thousand video-sharing websites readily available for instantaneous download. is compatible with Apple Macs, Microsoft Windows, and Android devices. It is the best Soundcloud downloader online.

Users may not only download videos from YouTube but also convert them to many different file types.

  • You can safely use The site is completely bug-free and safe for users.
  • has various features, including the ones listed below.
  • This website is virus-free. It's safe to click on any of the links because none of them go to potentially harmful websites.
  • No ads on is a plus.
  • In addition to YouTube, more than a thousand more video-hosting sites are supported.

If you want to know how to utilize to get free MP3 Soundcloud downloads, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Step 1.Play the media you want to download. Go to Soundcloud and search for the music.

  • Step 2.Simple copy the audio link.

  • Step 3.Then, on, put the song's URL into the corresponding form.

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  • Step 4.The MP3 file is ready for download.

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2. 4K Video Downloader

In addition to downloading from SoundCloud, 4K Video Downloader can also convert any video or audio file into MP3 format.

To use this MP3 cloud downloader, just put the URL of the SoundCloud track you want to convert/download into the program's main window after copying it. Switch the format to MP3 as your preferred choice. Once the MP3 has been converted, you may export it and store it on your device. To put it plainly, it's as easy as that.

Best 4 Soundcloud to MP3 Downloaders for Desktop and Online [100% working] (15)
  • Pros:
  • Control Your Download Rate

    Pre-installed MP3 Player

    It's Easy to Set Up a Proxy

  • Cons:
  • Sometimes doesn’t work.

3. Soundcloud to MP3

If you want to download music from SoundCloud but don't want to pay for it, SoundCloud to MP3 is a great free alternative. The free software allows users to download songs individually or as part of a playlist.

Membership is optional and not required. It makes it simple to get your hands on new music and change it over to another format. SoundCloud's MP Converter gives you the option of downloading music at either 128 or 320 kbps.

Best 4 Soundcloud to MP3 Downloaders for Desktop and Online [100% working] (16)
  • Pros:
  • MP3s can be downloaded singly or as a whole playlist.

    Support all the major browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

    Better audio quality.

  • Cons:
  • Slow downloads

4. SingleMango

Downloading music from SoundCloud is quick and easy using SingleMango, a web-based program that costs nothing to use. Audio files are available for download from Soundcloud to MP3 in a high-quality MP3 format. The highest quality audio file that can be downloaded with this app is 320 kbps. It supports both downloading individual songs and whole playlists.

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  • Pros:
  • Excellent sound quality.

    Simply click to download music.

    Listen to a sample before you download.

  • Cons:
  • Only supports MP3 as output.

Part 4. Why HitPaw Video Converter is the Best Soundcloud to MP3 Converter You Need

Product NamePlatformsSupported websitesBest forUser rating
HitPaw Video ConverterDesktopAll sites are supportedWindows/Mac Owner5
SoundCloud to MP3OnlineSoundCloudMusic lovers4.9
4K Video DownloaderDesktopSoundCloud and moreFree-time Music Lovers4.7
SingleMangoOnlineSoundCloud and moreMusic lovers4.9
Download4.ccOnlineSouldCould and Popular sites are SupportedMusic lovers and Business4.8
DVDFabOnlineSoundCloudFree-time Music lovers4.6
AllavsoftDesktopSoundCloudMusic lovers4.7

Part 5. FAQs of Downloading Soundcloud Song to MP3

Q1.What is Soundcloud Downloader?

A1.The program known as SoundCloud to MP3 Converter enables users to convert audio files to MP3 format and then download them onto their personal computers.

Q2.How do I convert Soundcloud to MP3?

A2.The best way to convert Soundcloud to MP3 is by using HitPaw Video Converter. Read all the steps mentioned above.

Q3.Is Soundcloud to MP3 legal?

A3.You are permitted to download music from SoundCloud using the SoundCloud to MP3 software so long as you do it for personal use and seek the owner's permission beforehand. The conditions of the agreement with SoundCloud prohibit users from downloading music via third-party apps without first obtaining permission from the content providers.

Part 6. Conclusion

In this article we reviewed the 4 best desktop and 4 best online Soundcloud to MP3 downloaders. You can use any of them to download MP3 Soundcloud music. However, we recommend you use HitPaw Video Converter because it is safe, reliable, and completely offline. So, download it now to experience better music quality.

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