How to play music on alexa for free (2023)

The smart devices of Amazon’s Echo family are a series of interesting devices that have managed to find a place in the rooms of many places. Thanks to advertising, the voice assistant Alexa has managed to spread, but after the initial euphoria, the question arises, how to play music on alexa for free? Here today, we will partially answer this question, deepening listening to free music with Alexa, both through the app and through Amazon Echo devices.

Some of you may have already noticed that Alexa only supports paid premium versions of popular music services like Spotify and Apple Music. But there are other methods to listen to our favorite music for free also through Echo devices. In this article, we will try to dissect them all.

From 3 April 2020, it is now possible to access Amazon Music even if you do not have an Amazon Prime subscription. Before this date, the service was included only for those who had subscribed to Amazon Prime. Now, the service included with the latter is called Amazon Music Prime.

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The differences between the 4 Amazon Music services are as follows:

  1. Amazon Music Free will allow you to listen to music on Alexa without a subscription, as the platform is supported by listening to advertisements and the free version of Spotify. This subscription allows you to only listen to music in quality Playlists specially created for this service, so you will not choose the song yourself.
  2. Amazon Music Prime is included with the Amazon Prime subscription and allows you to listen to over 2 million songs and thousands of playlists.
  3. Amazon Music Unlimited allows you to listen to over 60 million songs and thousands of playlists. Its cost is $ 9.99 per month, with often offers on the first months at a much lower cost.
  4. Amazon Music HD included in its subscription listening to 60 million songs in high definition and 2 million songs in Ultra HD (UHD), over a thousand songs in 3D on Amazon Echo Studio and thousands of playlists. Its cost is $ 14.99 per month, with often offers on the first months at a much lower cost.
  5. All services being always from Amazon, they are perfectly integrated with Alexa and can be managed directly with voice. If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime, on your Amazon account associated with Alexa, Amazon Music Prime will be immediately available without any other configuration.

If voice commands don’t work, just make sure Amazon Music is the default music service. It takes a few steps. The procedure is the same from the Alexa app or the site, so:

  • Open the Alexa app, press the menu button at the top left (characterized by three parallel horizontal segments);
  • Then tap on the item” settings “, then press on the item “Music” and then on “Default services”;
  • On the screen, make sure the selected service is Amazon Music.

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The most common voice commands to manage music

“Alexa play Music “- a playlist based on the last songs listened to will be played;
“Alexa play [artist] “- a playlist of the artist in question will be played;
“Alexa play [song] “- the selected song will be played;
“Alexa skip to next song “- allows you to skip to the next song.
“Alexa pause” – pauses the playback, which can then be resumed at a later time.

As you can see, they are all very intuitive commands. If you request to play a song or artist not included in Amazon Music’s 2 million songs, Alexa will invite you to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Music HD. Don’t worry. It won’t be activated automatically without your explicit confirmation.

Listen to music through Deezer

Suppose you take advantage of this convenient music service even without having a premium account. In that case, I have good news for you: the service through a special Skill works perfectly through Alexa, even if it is very limited. But it’s one of only two ways to get completely free music streaming services on your Echo.

The Skill can be installed simply from the Alexa app for Android and iOS. Just open it then:

  • Press the menu key at the bottom right (characterized by three parallel horizontal segments);
  • tap on the item” Skills and games “, then press the button in the shape of a magnifying glass at the top right;
  • by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top right, write “Deezer” in the appropriate box that appears, select the first item, and then press the “Enable use “button;
  • a window will open in which you will have to enter your service credentials and log in.

At this point, you have finished the setup and you can enjoy your music. The procedure is the same if you are using the Alexa web interface.

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The Skill allows you to listen to music from your “Flow, “the automatic playlist that the service creates based on the songs we have included in the favorites. To do this, you need to wake up Alexa and then use the command “Run my Flow on Deezer “;

Also, it allows you to start Flow based on a specific artist. Just use the command “Run on Deezer [artist name]. ”

However, there are some important limitations:

  1. You cannot listen to your playlists;
  2. If you search for a specific artist, a playlist inspired by that artist will start (Flow);
  3. It is not possible to start a single song.

Listen to the radio via Alexa

We talked about two services for streaming music, but radio stations can be listened to online. Alexa already has a convenient service and is already prepared to listen to online streaming radio and is based on the excellent TuneIn radio. To listen to a station chosen according to our tastes automatically by Alexa, just say:

“Alexa, play me a radio station.” To choose a particular radio station, just use the command:

“Alexa, play me radio station [name of the radio station of your taste]”

If you want to know a list of available online radio stations, you can take advantage of the Alexa app by following these steps:

TuneIn local radio Alexa

open it and go to “Entertainment” at the bottom;
go down to “Radio Local TuneIn” and click on “Browse”;

On the screen, you can find the most followed local radios and the most successful general ones, also at the top, you can find the search function to find a radio of your interest. Some radios have their dedicated Skill. You can install it directly by going to the skill menu, following the procedure explained in the paragraph dedicated to Deezer.

Not many people know that your Echo device can also act as a convenient Bluetooth speaker and can play music and audio that you send to it from your phone or tablet.

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Listen to free music with Alexa

To start playback, you must first pair. Here is the quick procedure:

  • Activate Bluetooth in the terminal from which you intend to transmit and make sure that it is set to discoverable;
  • Open the Alexa app, press the “Devices” button at the bottom right;
  • Select the item “Echo and Alexa” and then the Echo device whose Bluetooth you want to turn on;
  • Then press on the item “Bluetooth devices” and then on the button “Pair a new device.”
  • The device to be paired will appear and you can select it.

At this point, the procedure will be finished and you can play your audio content on the speaker. Our insight into free music with Alexa has come to a close. We wish you a lot of fun with your favorite music.

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