Just Dance 2022 review (2023)

Tom's Guide Verdict

Just Dance 2022 isn’t filled with flashy new mechanics or game-changing improvements. But with a host of catchy new songs, Just Dance 2022 is an exciting continuation of the successful rhythm series.


  • +

    Fun with friends

  • +

    Great workout

  • +

    Accessible design


  • -

    Lack of diversity in characters

  • -

    Some dances are repetitive

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Just Dance 2022: Specs

Developer: Ubisoft
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Price: $30–75
Release Date: November 4, 2021
Genre: Rhythm

Just Dance 2022 is the same old rhythm game you’ve been playing for years. But this year’s version comes with 40 new songs, a host of new universes and some truly transformative choreography. Our Just Dance 2022 review covers the game’s new hits, best tracks, coolest universes and most intense dances.

Just Dance 2022 review: Gameplay

Just Dance 2022’s gameplay doesn't provide a ton of surprises if you’ve played other games in the series before. The dancer silhouettes seem a bit clearer than in previous years, making it easier to follow certain moves where limbs or bodies overlap. Other than that, the gameplay is ultimately the same as it was in Just Dance 2020 and 2021.

Just Dance 2022 review (1)

However, the Just Dance gameplay blueprint is still wonderful. It’s easy to pick a song and get started, and the dancing starts almost immediately. The thoughtful choreographies make it easy for non-dancers to pick up the game, but it’s easy to level up once you’ve started improving.

Just Dance 2022 review (2)

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One of the standout new songs is “Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra, which features an incredible visual journey through the trees in a stop-motion animation style. The “Mr. Blue Sky” choreography is simple but fun. As the camera moves to follow your character, you feel like you’re soaring around your living room.

Another favorite at my sister’s bachelorette party — where I debuted the game for her and her friends — was the iconic dance to “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish. I watched as my sister and her friend thrashed about to the emotional choreography, which provides a good stretch for the shoulders and back. "Happier Than Ever" incorporates everything that's great about Just Dance. Of course, it’s fun to watch your friends dance badly, but it’s also fun to dance badly yourself. “Chacarron” by El Chombo was also a hit, which ended up stuck in our heads all weekend. It was a perfect warm-up or cooldown song for when I was working out alone.

Just Dance 2022 review (3)

I played a good amount of Just Dance 2022 by myself, telling my boyfriend he was strictly prohibited from coming downstairs while I danced. (However, it wasn’t long until we were fumbling through partner dances together.) The first time I played, I was so excited about the new songs that I put on a playlist and sweated it out for about an hour straight. With plenty of easy songs to mix in between harder tracks, I got a solid workout while still getting decent scores, and feeling good about my dancing overall.

Just Dance 2022 review: Accessibility

It’s no secret that Just Dance’s scoring technology is somewhat flawed. It’s easy to shake the controller to the beat and get great scores despite the fact that you haven’t danced — but that flaw revealed another user-friendly aspect of the game. Just Dance 2022 is widely accessible for people who use wheelchairs, or have other physical disabilities. Other dance games generally aren't as accommodating. There are even choreographies where dancers remain seated throughout, focusing only on arm movements.

Although I appreciated the accessibility features, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of body diversity in the game. There are tracks with larger bodies as the main dancer on Just Dance Unlimited, which comes with some versions of Just Dance 2022, and requires a subscription. However, all of the new songs feature tall, thin dancer silhouettes. It’s time to see some different body types, since real-life dancers (and Just Dance players) come in all shapes and sizes.

Just Dance 2022 review: Sweat mode and Kids mode

Just Dance introduced Sweat mode last year, and the feature has remained the same in Just Dance 2022. Instead of giving you a score after you complete a song, the game calculates approximately how many calories you’ve burned. This mode is great if you like to track calories while working out, but you get the same workout in normal mode. Personally, I found Sweat mode unnecessary and a bit frustrating, since dancing burns calories a lot slower than you might think.

Just Dance 2022 review (4)

The Just Dance workout itself is full-body, and can be a suitable replacement for running or other cardio. I skipped a run in place of Just Dance 2022 on one of the first cold days of the year, and felt almost equally satisfied afterwards. Using the game as a workout is also great for your mental health and confidence, since it forces you out of your comfort zone a bit. Dancing to the beat can also flood you with endorphins.

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Just Dance 2022 review (5)

Even if you’re an experienced dancer, you know that you don’t learn dances by simply mirroring someone as they perform. As such, the speed of the choreo should keep your heart rate up, no matter your experience level. I found myself reconnecting with my high school dancer self in songs such as “Chandelier” by SIA and “BOOMBAYAH” by Blackpink. This is partially because I was sweating my butt off, and partially because they made me like the way I felt while dancing.

Kids mode is filled with fun songs that dancers of any age can enjoy. The environments are bright and colorful, and will definitely keep little ones intrigued. The dances are also accessible for small kids, which the Just Dance series has always done well. But without a Just Dance Unlimited subscription, there are only a few options.

Just Dance 2022 review (6)

If your kids are a bit older, they’ll be happy with the normal mode songs, plenty of which are viral TikTok tracks or famous pop tunes. The likes of “Mood” by 24kGoldn and “good 4 u” by Olivia Rodrigo are bound to get the kids off the couch.

Just Dance 2022 review: Just Dance Unlimited

A Just Dance Unlimited subscription is an absolute must-have if you plan on playing Just Dance 2022 for more than a few hours. A 13-month subscription comes with the Unlimited Edition of the game, which retails for $75. Every copy of Just Dance 2022 comes with at least one month of Unlimited, but you have to sign up for a Ubisoft Connect account to access it.

Once you’ve set up Unlimited, the world of Just Dance is your oyster. You’ll have access to the entire Just Dance library of songs, some of which are still the soundtracks to viral TikTok videos. I’m not sure if I would buy Just Dance 2022 without an Unlimited subscription, but I would absolutely still play it.

Just Dance 2022 review: Verdict

While playing Just Dance 2022, I sweated a lot and laughed so much — even when I was dancing in an empty house, alone. If that isn’t an endorsement of this joyful game, I’m not sure what is. This year's model doesn't have many new features, but that’s OK. The concept of Just Dance is wonderful already. Although I hope for more diverse character models in the next version, I’m happy to have a new set of songs to facilitate home workouts, bachelorette parties and hangouts with friends.

Zoë Hannah

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Is Just Dance 2022 worth it? ›

Lots of fun! This is such a fun game to get up and dance too! It didn't come with as many newer songs/dances as I'd hoped. That was disappointing, but just dance is always fun to get up and active.

Is Just Dance 2022 worth it without unlimited? ›

You'll have access to the entire Just Dance library of songs, some of which are still the soundtracks to viral TikTok videos. I'm not sure if I would buy Just Dance 2022 without an Unlimited subscription, but I would absolutely still play it.

Is Just Dance 2022 better than 2021? ›

If so, I think Just Dance 2022 is the best one so far, and the one you should buy, not only because of its improved choreographies and inclusion of half a dozen songs I love, but because it does feel more visually impressive and polished than any other Just Dance I've played.

What is the difference between Just Dance 2022 and just dance 2022 Ultimate Edition? ›

Just Dance® 2022, the ultimate dance game, is back with new environments and 40 hot new tracks from chart-topping hits! The Ultimate Edition includes a 13-month free trial of Just Dance® Unlimited with 700+ bonus tracks to keep you dancing!

Do I need to buy new Just Dance every year? ›

A: You can continuously purchase the Just Dance Unlimited subscription for the version of the game you purchased. However, please be aware that the online services in Just Dance 2016, Just Dance 2017, and Just Dance 2018 will be unavailable from starting June 30, 2023.

Is Just Dance 2022 censored? ›

Just Dance 2022

Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna, & J Balvin - China: "Bichote", "te doy pata'" (from the line "por 'tar ricota te doy pata' y queso"), “culo", and "alcohol" are censored.

How many songs does Just Dance 2022 have without unlimited? ›

Just Dance 2022 will include 43 songs in total (not including the hundreds of bonus tracks you can play if you're subscribed to the Just Dance Unlimited service) and we've got the full list for you below.

How do you get Just Dance Unlimited for free? ›

To access your free trial of Just Dance Unlimited: • Link your Ubisoft account with your console account. Launch Just Dance 2022. If you are online when you launch the game, you will recieve a prompt to unlock your free trial.

Can you get more songs on Just Dance 2022? ›

With Just Dance Unlimited, get access to a diverse catalogue of more than 600 songs and exclusive new content all year long via Just Dance® 2022, Just Dance® 2021, and to over 400 songs via Just Dance® 2020, Just Dance® 2019, Just Dance® 2018, Just Dance® 2017 and Just Dance® 2016 for the duration of your subscription.

Is Just Dance 2022 hard? ›

The normal range of easy, medium and hard dance modes still remains, but the extreme option could give an experienced dancer a run for their money. The game also strikes a good balance in distributing challenging choreography and accessible dances for non-dancers.

Can you play older songs on Just Dance 2022? ›

For players who may want to revisit older title's songs, like Just Dance 2021's K/DA, those can still be accessed in the new version with a subscription to Ubisoft's Just Dance Unlimited.

Is Just Dance good exercise? ›

Doing 30 minutes of the game burns roughly 200 calories – bump your playtime up to an hour and you're looking at burning a whopping 400 calories playing a fun video game that doesn't even feel like working out.

What console is best for Just Dance 2022? ›

If you want to play this game, keep in mind that currently, the optimal experience is on the PlayStation and the Xbox One versions. It is playable on the Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, but you might miss out on truly immersive Just Dance gameplay.

Can you play Just Dance 2022 alone? ›

Set up your next dance party with Just Dance 2022! Get things poppin' with 40 newly added tracks and new universes. Whether you're dancing alone or with your crew, you can enjoy chart-topping hits to catchy classics in a variety of modes.

Is Just Dance being discontinued? ›

This is the final installment released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia (before its closure on January 18, 2023), the final installment to support PlayStation Move and camera devices and the last known game overall to support Kinect.

Is Just Dance Unlimited permanent? ›

Just Dance Unlimited is an on-demand streaming service that grants you access to a catalogue of tracks, playable for the duration of your purchased subscription. Any new content added to the Just Dance Unlimited catalogue will be exclusive to the newest edition of the game.

What happens when you buy Just Dance Unlimited? ›

Just Dance Unlimited grants you access to more than 700 tracks during the duration of your subscription. Software description provided by the publisher.

What is the longest Just Dance song? ›

Warm Up is the longest song in the original Just Dance game, being 4 minutes and 54 seconds long.

Can I play Just Dance 2022 without internet? ›

Just Dance 2022 requires players to subscribe to play songs on its service. There are, however, four songs in the game that require the Internet but are free to use.

Why is Just Dance 2022 18+? ›

Just Dance 2022 is the first game to be rated 18+ in Russia instead of the usual 0+, most likely due to the inclusion of Todrick Hall and the not-so LGBTQ+ community-friendly environment in said country. Just Dance 2022 marks the first time the same menu has been reused for four consecutive games.

Is Just Dance 2023 the last game? ›

It is the final annual game as all future releases will be added through updates. The game was revealed on September 10, 2022, as part of Ubisoft Forward. The game is set to be released on November 22, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

Does Just Dance Unlimited unlock all songs? ›

In Just Dance 2021 all features are available from the start, right after completing the introduction to the game.

Does Just Dance Unlimited cover all games? ›

Included with every copy of the game on Nintendo Switch™ system, Playstation®4 system, and Xbox One.

Can you play Just Dance Unlimited without Just Dance? ›

You must access Just Dance Unlimited vía Just Dance 2017 to current, Just Dance 2020. Then you pay the $4.99 a month.

How long is Just Dance Unlimited free trial? ›

Just Dance Standard Edition includes a 1-month free trial of Just Dance Unlimited!

What is the hardest dance in Just Dance 2022? ›

Hardest Extreme Version of JD 2022?
  • Boombayah Extreme.
  • Black Mamba Extreme.
  • Jopping Extreme.
  • Levitating Extreme.
  • Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels Official Choreo.
29 Nov 2021

Can you get good at dancing with Just Dance? ›

Yes with one year you can become a great or just a learner but man you can learn more in a year. Unlike any other art dance is something different, more inspirational and there is no saturation for it.

How does Just Dance track your movements? ›

Each player will be required to hold a phone or a single Joy-con in your right hand so the gyroscope can track your movement. It is entirely possible to sit on the couch and move the controller or phone in time with the prompts, but you would be cheating yourself more than the game.

What is the difference between Just Dance and Just Dance Unlimited? ›

5/7 The Different Editions

The main difference between both versions, aside from sporting slightly different cover art, is that the deluxe edition comes with four months of Just Dance Unlimited.

Does Just Dance work without internet? ›

Just Dance Unlimited requires permanent internet access, the creation and connection to a Ubisoft Connect account, the acceptance of respective Terms & Conditions and the payment of a subscription fee.

Can you lose fat with Just Dance? ›

The bottom line

Playing “Just Dance” is a fun and engaging way to stay active and lose weight. The key is to play the game at an intensity, frequency, and duration that will help you create a calorie deficit. To lose weight, you also need to take in fewer calories than you burn each day.

Can you get abs by just dancing? ›

Like any other form of cardiovascular exercise, dance can help whittle your waist and build your stomach muscles, though you'll lose weight from your entire body and not solely from your midsection.

Does dancing burn belly fat? ›

Not many people know that dancing can serve as a calorie-burning aerobic exercise that helps toning your belly. Opt for dancing classes if you hate to go to the gym or walk on a treadmill! Latin dance forms like Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rumba and Reggaetón are ideal for trimming belly fat.

Can you play Just Dance 2022 without a smartphone? ›

Ps5 version of just dance 2022 is appsolutly a disapointment, You have to use your phone app or camera to connect and dance.

Do you need any accessories for Just Dance 2022? ›

No additional accessories are required to join the fun! Just use your smartphone with the Just Dance Controller app! Just Dance 2022 is compatible with: The Joy-Con controllers on Switch.

Can 2 players play Just Dance 2022? ›

You can challenge your friends in Just Dance 2022 through local co-op on the same console. To start a co-op session: Launch the game. On the controller selection screen, choose the controllers or camera you want to use.

Does Just Dance 2022 include all songs? ›

Just Dance 2022 will include 43 songs in total (not including the hundreds of bonus tracks you can play if you're subscribed to the Just Dance Unlimited service) and we've got the full list for you below. You can also catch a quick snippet of each song in the brand new trailer above.

What does Just Dance 2022 include? ›

Just Dance® 2022, the ultimate dance game, is back with new environments and 40 hot new tracks from chart-topping hits like ""Don't Go Yet"" by Camila Cabello, ""Love Story (Taylor's Version)"" by Taylor Swift, ""Happier Than Ever"" by Billie Eilish, and more!

Can Just Dance help you lose weight? ›

All forms of dancing can help you lose weight. Any activity that gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat can help you burn calories, and Just Dance is no exception. As a rough estimate, if you weigh 180 pounds and get down with some fast ballet or twist dancing for 30 minutes, you could burn around 251 calories.

What is the most difficult Just Dance? ›

The extreme version of Scream and Shout is often considered to be one of the hardest routines in the franchise, for a good reason.
  • "Pump It" . ...
  • "Hey Boy, Hey Girl". ...
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the first Extreme choreography in the series: "Barbra Streisand" .

What is the highest score you can get on Just Dance 2022? ›

The highest score that can be reached from Just Dance 2 onward is 13333.

What are the most fun just dances? ›

Just Dance 2022: 13 Most Fun Songs To Dance To
  • 8/13 Pop/Stars.
  • 7/13 My Way.
  • 6/13 Montero (Call Me By Your Name)
  • 5/13 Kiss Me More.
  • 4/13 Break My Heart.
  • 3/13 Good 4 U.
  • 2/13 Mr. Blue Sky.
  • 1/13 Levitating.
5 Nov 2022

Do you need special equipment for Just Dance 2022? ›

No additional accessories are required to join the fun! Just use your smartphone with the Just Dance Controller app! Just Dance 2022 is compatible with: The Joy-Con controllers on Switch.


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