The 10 Largest Juice Brands In The United States – Zippia (2023)

Boasting a 23% market share of the beverage industry, juice (and particularly orange juice) is one of the most popular drinks in the U.S.

With nearly a quarter of US residents over 18 years of age drinking juice daily, the juice industry is booming. According to a 2017 survey, only 5% of US residents over 18 years of age claim to never drink juice.

We have compiled a list of the largest juice brands in the United States based on their annual sales numbers. And, since a social presence is so necessary for brands to gain popularity these days, we have also included their number of Instagram followers.

  • Snapple. Plano, Texas

    Parent Company: Snapple Beverage Corp. (or Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.)
    Current CEO: Bob Gambort (Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.)
    2021 Annual Revenue: $6 billion
    Followers on Instagram: 37.4k

    Snapple was founded in 1972 by Leonard Marsh, Hyman Golden, and Arnold Greenberg near Brooklyn, New York. Originally called Unadulterated Food Products, it first intended to supply fruit juices to health food stores.

    Snapple is known for both its fruit juices as well as its teas. It did not manufacture and distribute its first tea until 1987. There are currently about 30 different Snapple flavors available.

    Snapple fact: The name Snapple is derived from one of their early apple juice products. One of the batches accidentally fermented in the bottle, causing the bottle caps to snap off.

  • Tropicana. Bradenton, Florida

    Parent Company: PepsiCo
    Current CEO: Ramon Laguarta (PepsiCo)
    2021 Annual Revenue: $1.075 billion
    Followers on Instagram: 17.2k

    Tropicana was founded by Anthony T. Rossi, an Italian immigrant who arrived in the United States at 21 years old with only $25 to his name. After a series of different jobs across different states, he settled in Florida and began making orange juice.

    Tropicana claims it is “bottled sunshine since 1947”. And Rossi’s flash pasteurization, which revolutionized the industry, helps keep Tropicana orange juice tasting fresh as the day the oranges were picked in the Florida sunshine.

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    Rossie also pioneered orange juice transport when he began to transport his orange juice via refrigerated boxcars in 1970. He ran a train from Florida to New York and continued running two trains per week for quite some time.

    The company, acquired by PepsiCo in 1998, still manufactures and distributes its flagship product: Tropicana Pure Premium. It is still its most popular product today.

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  • Bolthouse Farms. Bakersfield, CA

    Parent Company: Butterfly Equity
    Current CEO: Jeff Dunn (Bolthouse Farms)
    2021 Annual Revenue: $1.0 billion
    Followers on Instagram: 59.4k

    The Bolthouse Farms story began in 1915 when the Bolthouse family began growing carrots in Grant, Michigan. They expanded their carrot empire and became the leading carrot supplier in the Midwest by 1950.

    Today, they are still a market leader in carrots. They have also expanded their line of products to include dressings and refrigerated beverages. Bolthouse Farms is also a market leader in refrigerated juices.

    With access to over 65,000 acres of premium growing land, they produce all of their own fruit and vegetable ingredients. The company also worked hard to maintain a process that produces as little waste as possible.

    The company was acquired by Madison Dearborn Partners in 2005, sold to Campbell Soup Company in 2012, and finally landed under the ownership of Butterfly Equity, a private equity firm specializing in the food sector, in 2019.

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  • Simply Orange. Apopka, Florida

    Parent Company: The Coca-Cola Company
    Current CEO: James Quincey (The Coca-Cola Company)
    2020 Annual Revenue: $828 million
    Followers on Instagram: 13.1k

    Simply Orange is a newer beverage brand. Founded in 2001, the brand just celebrated its 20th birthday. Unlike some of the other brands which were acquired by larger corporations, Simply Orange Juice was created by Minute Maid, another company owned by The Coca-Cola Company.

    Unsurprisingly, this company is also located in Florida state. Florida is known for its orange groves. The company does import oranges from a couple of other countries as well.

    Despite its young age, the Simply Orange bottle is well recognized and quite distinctive, with a narrow neck and wide-body always topped with a green cap. They use not-from-concentrate juice in all their juice products.

  • Florida’s Natural. Lake Wales, Florida

    Parent Company: Citrus World Inc.
    Current CEO: Bob Behr (Citrus World Inc.)
    2021 Annual Revenue: $470 million
    Followers on Instagram: 4k

    Florida’s Natural, actually called Florida’s Natural Growers, is an agricultural cooperative owned and operated by Citrus World Inc. One of their taglines is: “We own the land. We own the trees. We own the company.”

    They started as a small group of independent farmers and growers in 1933 and have expanded into one of the largest citrus co-ops in the world. The company made the switch from canned juice to fresh-squeezed orange juice in the 1960s.

    Unlike some other companies who will get the majority of their oranges from Florida and import the rest, Florida’s Natural boasts that all of their oranges are US-grown. They didn’t adopt Florida’s Natural name until 1998, having previously gone by Citrus World and Florida Citrus Canners Cooperative.

  • Simply Lemonade. Apopka, Florida

    Parent Company: The Coca-Cola Company
    Current CEO: James Quincey (The Coca-Cola Company)
    2020 Annual Revenue: $415 million
    Followers on Instagram: 13.1k

    Created by the Simply Orange Juice Company, Simply Lemonade shares much of the same story. The company was originally created by Minute Maid, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, in 2001.

    Simply Lemonade was the second line of products launched by the company, making its debut in 2006. It shares the same distinctive green-capped bottle with its sister brand.

  • Vita Coco. New York, New York

    Parent Company: All Market Inc.
    Current CEO: Michael Kirban (Vita Coco)
    2021 Annual Revenue: $380 million
    Followers on Instagram: 62.8k

    How many popular brands can say “it all started with a chance meeting in a New York bar”? Sounds more like the premise of a romance novel than a multimillion-dollar company. But, that is exactly what happened with Vita Coco.

    This company was founded in 2004 by Mike Kirban and Ira Liran after they met and spoke with two Brazillion women on vacation in New York. They kept going on about the “agua de coco,” or coconut water, from back home.

    From that chance meeting grew an idea that filled a gap in the beverage industry. The company, still owned and operated by its founders, has grown exponentially over the last (nearly) two decades.

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  • Hawaiian Punch. Plano, Texas

    Parent Company: Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.
    Current CEO: Bob Gambort (Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.)
    2020 Annual Revenue: $213 million
    Followers on Instagram: 1k

    Hawaiian Punch was founded in 1934 by A.W. Leo, Tom Yates, and Ralph Harrison. The originally formulated recipe was created in a converted garage in Fullerton, California, and was first intended as an ice cream syrup topping.

    The product was called “Leo’s Hawaiian Punch,” Leo after A.W. Leo and Hawaiian Punch because the product was shipped from the Hawaiian islands.

    It was not the company that transitioned the product to a beverage but the consumers themselves. Consumers discovered that the syrup made a delicious drink when mixed with water.

    The company began selling ready-to-serve red Hawaiian Punch in cans in 1950. As the brand gained popularity in the early 1960s, they introduced the Punchy character associated with the brand.

    In 1981, Del Monte became the owner and expanded distribution throughout the United States. Procter Gamble acquired the brand in 1990 and doubled the size of the business.

    They were the first to sell the gallon-sized shelf-stable option. Cadbury Schweppes acquired the rights in 1999. Today, Keurig Dr Pepper is the owner of the brand.

  • Minute Maid. Sugar Land, Texas

    Parent Company: The Coca-Cola Company
    Current CEO: James Quincey (The Coca-Cola Company)
    2020 Annual Revenue: $166 million
    Followers on Instagram: 14.3k

    National Research Corporation (NRC) began using their dehydrating process on foods, creating the subsidiary Florida Foods Corporation. In 1945, they were contracted to provide 500k pounds of powdered orange juice to the US Army. Unfortunately, the war ended before the product was shipped out.

    Instead of giving up or selling the powder directly to the public, they used the powder to create frozen orange juice concentrate. They are considered the first company to market a frozen orange juice concentrate.

    They became the Minute Maid Corporation in 1949 and were acquired by The Coca-Cola Company in 1960. The ready-to-drink orange juice option was introduced in 1973, and they began expanding beyond orange juice in 1980. Today, they provide more than 100 different flavors and varieties of juice and juice drinks.

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  • Naked Juice. Monrovia, California

    Parent Company: PepsiCo
    Current CEO: Ramon Laguarta (PepsiCo)
    2021 Annual Revenue: $150 million
    Followers on Instagram: 52.2k

    “Strip down to naked.” Naked Juice was created in 1983 by Jimmy Rosenberg and David Bleeden. They blended fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies at home, then sold them in-person from an ice-filled backpack to visitors to Santa Monica.

    They boast 100% fruit juices and stick to a “natural” feel, making sure to practice sustainable sourcing and sustainable packaging as well.

    Today, Naked Juice is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo. The company was acquired in 2006 from previous owners North Castle Partners.

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