The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (2023)

If video isn’t already an important part of your content marketing strategy, odds are it’s about to be. Web content is taking a turn toward video whether SEOs and content marketers like it or not. In fact, according to invideo, online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic and 79% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software by watching a video.

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (1)

Not an expert? Don’t know how to edit videos,have a video studio, or have a bona fide video specialist to shoot and cut your features? That’s alright! The goal of today’s blog is to show you that with the right video editing software, you too can churn out sleek, professional video content—regardless of experience—and keep your content strategy ahead of the curve.

Let’s dive in! Here are our recs for the top best pieces of video editing software or video editing apps for beginners—from cheapest (i.e. free!) to most expensive.

The best video editing software for beginners in 2022

Here is a list of the best video editing software for beginners in 2022:

  1. Apple iMovie
  2. Lumen5
  3. Animaker
  4. Nero Video
  5. Corel VideoStudio
  6. Filmora from Wondershare
  7. CyberLink PowerDirector
  8. InVideo
  9. Adobe Premiere Elements
  10. Pinnacle Studio
  11. Adobe Premiere Pro
  12. Apple Final Cut Pro

1. Apple iMovie

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (2)

Ok—so to those of you working with PCs, this one won’t really apply; but we’d be remiss to leave it off the list. If you’re looking for simplicity and elegance, it doesn’t get much better than Apple iMovie. iMovie’s ten high-fidelity filters are some of the classiest in the video editing game; and if you’re shooting on your iPhone, or have been editing a project on your iPad, you can use AirDrop to wirelessly and seamlessly transfer your project over to your Mac.

One of iMovie’s most coveted features is its green-screen, or “chroma-key” tool, which allows you to place your characters in exotic locations—Hawaii, say—at a moment’s notice. Want to overlay the scene with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? iMovie ties directly in with iTunes and GarageBand, so you can easily implement custom tracks and sounds. When your movie’s finally ready to ship, release it into the wild using iMessage, Facebook, YouTube, or any other of iMovie’s succinctly connected platforms.

  • Standout Features: Seamless Apple product integration; green-screen; audio and social platform integration
  • Pricing: Free with the purchase of a Mac

Free download: Up your game with our free all-star online advertising playbook.

2. Lumen5

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (3)

Lumen5 markets itself as a tool that turns blog posts into social promos. While the process isn’t perfect, and you’ll likely have to do some tinkering to get your blog content looking just the way you want it, the rest of the video creation process is a cinch. Merely refine some copy that teases your blog post; drag and drop some gifs, screengrabs, or video clips; add some music; and your engaging social video will be ripe for Facebook and Twitter.

(Video) Best Video Editing Software for Windows PC - 2022 Review!

  • Standout Features: Blog-to-social-promo creation; drag-and-drop interface
  • Pricing: Create as many 720p videos as you want with the free version. Remove the watermark for $11 per month, or upgrade to 1080p for $59 per month.

3. Animaker

Animaker has its own online video editorthat enables anyone to easily create videos from their own videos, photos, text, and audio. Absolutely no video editing experience required. It’s a lightweight app that works in your web browser, so there’s no complex timeline, layers, or complexity. Just an intuitive drag-and-drop experience to tell your stories.

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (4)

  • Standout Features: Lightweight app without a complex timeline, easy drag-and-drop option with real-time collaboration
  • Pricing: Starts at $10/mo, goes up to $49/mo

4. Nero Video

One of the cheaper options around ($49.99), Nero Video holds its own on this list—it comes well-stocked with a lot of the tricks and effects you’ll find among other products vying for video editing supremacy, and as far as software for beginners, you can certainly do worse. If you’re going to spend money learning how to edit videos, however, you might want to steer clear. Nero just doesn’t have the speed and functionality of some of the other products listed here, and if its value proposition is its price, $50 is still not all that cheap.

  • Standout Features: Low pricing
  • Pricing: One-time payment of $39.95

5. Corel VideoStudio

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (6)

Corel VideoStudio has all the characteristics of the other top-of-the-line products on this list, including 360-degree VR and 4k support, but it also has the distinction of being the first piece of consumer video editing software to offer motion tracking—which, if you’re not already familiar, is a feature that allows you to track specific objects throughout your cut (if you wanted, say, to point an arrow at one of your characters, blur out his face, or bestow him with a funny hat). Most of the products on this list come equipped with motion tracking, but VideoStudio still boasts one of the best motion tracking systems around.

One of the knocks on VideoStudio is its speed, which lags notably behind some of the faster systems on this list, like CyberLink PowerDirector and Pinnacle Studio. Still: for a one-time payment of $99.99? You can do much worse.

  • Standout Features: Motion tracking
  • Pricing: One-time payment of $99.99

6. Filmora from Wondershare

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (7)

When it comes to video editing software, Filmora is about as multi-faceted as they come. Filmora is Wondershare’s standard, simple, high-quality video editing offering; but Wondershare also offers FilmoraGo (for mobile editing) and Filmora Scrn (for screen recording and editing). The design is intuitive and easy to use, and comes replete with filters, overlays, motion elements, transitions, and a small selection of royalty-free music. Here are a few more of the “basics” Filmora offers:

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (8)

4k and gif support are boilerplate features for most video editing products today, but one thing Filmora does particularly well is titles. Title tools are trending in video software, and while Filmora’s doesn’t have the functionality of say, an Apple Final Cut Pro X, which can superimpose 3D titles over your videos and rotate them on three axes, it nonetheless has some snazzy titling features for the money you’re spending.

(Video) Top 5 Best FREE VIDEO EDITING Software (2022)

Another Filmora feature beginners to video editing will find attractive is “Easy Mode,” which allows you to create fun, polished edits by merely dragging and dropping clips, choosing a theme, and selecting music (how to use music in your marketing here).

  • Standout features: Title tool; mobile and screen editing; “Easy Mode”
  • Pricing: Starts at $68.98 for a lifetime license

7. CyberLink PowerDirector

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (9)

So—we stretched the meaning of “software” a bit earlier; now, we’re going to stretch the meaning of “beginner.” We included CyberLink PowerDirector on this list because its interface is, at the end of the day, pretty straightforward. Head to the product page, run through the tutorials, and you’ll be alright. There is within the interface, however, an embarrassment of options and effects. If you’re not willing to invest the time in learning all of them, it can get a bit overwhelming.

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (10)

Don’t be scared of CyberLink’s extra features; just be wary of your commitment level!

In terms of rendering, PowerDirector is regarded as one of the fastest video editing systems around. It also operates consistently in the sphere of the innovative and cutting edge. PowerDirector led the charge in the switch to 4k, and today, it’s one of the first systems to support 360-degree virtual reality footage.

Price: you get what you pay for! $79.99 gets you unlimited access to one of the most capable pieces of video editing software around.

  • Standout Features: Lightning-fast rendering; comprehensive suite of effects
  • Pricing: One-time payment of $79.99

8. InVideo

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (11)

What sets InVideo apart is that it’s completely hosted on the cloud. You never have to download software or worry about losing your progress. It’s completely browser-based and the editor holds up well even after being stocked with transitions, stickers, frames, and other tricks and features.

The editor is equally suited to both beginners and advanced users, as beginners can get a headstart by using any of the 4000+ templates on the platform, and advanced users can start from scratch. The 8Mn+ iStock catalogue also helps to spice up your creations.

(Video) 6 Best Video Editing Software of 2022 Compared (Easy & Powerful)

Uniquely, InVideo has no watermark on its videos, even if you’re on the Free plan. If you’re starting out and not looking to spend a ton of money on software, InVideo is a great bet!

  • Standout Features: No Watermark, 4000+ templates, and 8Mn+ iStock Images & Videos
  • Pricing: $15/Month for the Business plan, and $30/Month for the Unlimited Plan.

9. Adobe Premiere Elements

We include Premiere Elements on the list mostly because it’s been an industry leader in the video editing game for some time. And $79.99 is not egregious, but we’re here to say that at that price, you’re mostly paying for the name. In the time since Premiere Elements’ inception, too many other products have surpassed it in speed and capability for us to place it among the cream of the crop. That’s to take nothing away from Premiere Elements’ usability, though—specifically for beginners.

The Guided Edits feature makes Adobe Premiere a particularly attractive option for beginners, as it allows them to take on both quick edits and advanced projects with substantial assistance from the software.

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (13)

If you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing, don’t sleep on Guided Edits!

So while Premiere Elements lags behind the competition in terms of speed, 3D editing, multi-cam, and some other advanced features, it’s still a great choice for the beginner looking for a comprehensive suite of effects, and some guidance on how to implement them.

  • Standout Features: Guided Edits; simple interface
  • Pricing: One-time payment of $79.99

10. Pinnacle Studio

At the higher end of the Corel product line is Pinnacle Studio—which, at $129.95 (the amount you’ll need to pay to edit 360-degree and 4k content with the “Ultimate” version), costs more than twice as much as VideoStudio. What do you get for the extra money? Well, not only does Pinnacle come readily equipped with all the features you’d expect from an upper-echelon product—motion tracking, 360-degree VR support, 4k support, multi-cam, etc.—but you’d be hard-pressed to find a faster product on the market in terms of rendering.

(Video) The Best Video Editor For Beginner Filmmakers

For all of its features, Pinnacle’s interface is still as user-friendly and intuitive as anything on this list. Thus, is you have the need for speed, and you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks for it, Pinnacle might be the product for you.

  • Standout Features: Top-of-the-line rendering speeds; full range of features and support
  • Pricing: One-time payment of $129.95

11. Adobe Premiere Pro

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (15)

With a virtually unmatched suite of features, 360 VR and 4k support, and a newly implemented ability to store, organize, and share assets online with a team, Adobe Premiere Pro is perhaps the most complete piece of video editing software around. Here’s a recent video promo for our free AdWordsaccount structure guide we cut using Premiere Pro.

One of the more dazzling of Premiere Pro’s tools is the Lumetri Color tool, which offers color adjustment and manipulation on par with that of a Photoshop. The multi-cam feature is also a winner—whereas most systems allow you to work with a limited number of camera angles, Premiere Pro’s latest iteration allows for an unlimited amount.

Throw in a wealth of titling options, readily connected ancillary apps (like Photoshop and After Effects), and a flexible, easy-to-use interface, and Premiere Pro is a no brainer.

  • Standout Features: Multi-cam and coloring options; title tool; easy integration with Adobe Products; straightforward interface
  • Pricing: $19.99/month

12. Apple Final Cut Pro X

The 12 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners in 2022 (16)

For the most advanced, least fiscally prudent of beginners, there’s Apple Final Cut Pro X. $299.99 might be a little steep for a product you may well have a difficult time understanding; but for those among you who enjoy a challenge, and who aspire to some level of professionalism in video editing, why not go for it? Apple has made the transition from iMovie to Final Cut Pro more painless than ever—so if you’re the kind of guy or gal who enjoys him/herself an Apple product, and has worked with iMovie to the point of mastery, it might be time to splurge on Final Cut Pro. The power is still daunting; the interface, significantly less so.

  • Standout Features: Magnetic Timeline; Touch Bar support
  • Pricing: One-time payment of $299.99

    The best video editing software for beginners [recap]

    Are you a content or social media marketer looking to get in the video editing game for the sake of keeping up with the growing video trend? Don’t stress! Any of the above software apps would make a fine choice for a beginner.

    Think about your budget, your current level of expertise, and how much time you’re willing to devote to learning a new skill. Whether you’re lookingfor the best video editing software for YouTube, or the responsibility has simply fallen on you to get your team’s video marketing strategy up to snuff—don’t wait around deliberating! Get invested in one of these video editing products, and make it yours.

    P.S. If you’re not looking to edit and want to go withlive, un-cut footage, learn how to go live on YouTubeto share your stories, demos, how-tos, and more. You can also try Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

    (Video) Best Video Editing Software for Mac - 2022 Review!

    To finish off, here is our list of the best video editing software for beginners:

    1. Apple iMovie: Seamless Apple product integration; green-screen; audio and social platform integration
    2. Lumen5: Blog-to-social-promo creation; drag-and-drop interface
    3. Animaker: Custom characters; collaboration
    4. Nero Video: Low pricing
    5. Corel VideoStudio: Motion tracking
    6. Filmora from Wondershare: Title tool; mobile and screen editing; “Easy Mode”
    7. CyberLink PowerDirector: Lightning-fast rendering; comprehensive suite of effects
    8. InVideo: No Watermark, 4000+ templates, and 8Mn+ iStock Images & Videos
    9. Adobe Premiere Elements: Guided Edits; simple interface
    10. Pinnacle Studio: Top-of-the-line rendering speeds; full range of features and support
    11. Adobe Premiere Pro: Multi-cam and coloring options; title tool; easy integration with Adobe Products; straightforward interface
    12. Apple Final Cut Pro: Magnetic Timeline; Touch Bar support


    What is the best video editor in 2022? ›

    Best free video editing software for 2022
    • Lightworks. ...
    • DaVinci Resolve. ...
    • Clipchamp. ...
    • HitFilm. ...
    • Shotcut. ...
    • VideoPad. ...
    • OpenShot. The award-winning free video editing software works for Mac, Windows, or Linux: all video creators are welcome here. ...
    • Kdenlive. More open-source video editing software!
    5 Oct 2022

    Is video editing in demand 2022? ›

    Demand is high: In a time when 86% of companies rely on video for marketing, the demand for video editors is at an all-time high.

    Is Adobe Premiere Pro good for beginners? ›

    Premiere Pro provides easy to use features and tools to help you to get started quickly and easily. So whether you're making home films or sharing stories on social media, you can focus on creating what matters to you.

    How do I start video editing? ›

    How to Start a Career in Video Editing
    1. Take the early jobs, even if they're not in editing. ...
    2. Look for connections with peers and classmates. ...
    3. Don't discount an apprenticeship. ...
    4. Remember: there's more to filmmaking than being a director. ...
    5. Work with as many people as possible, and learn from the experience.
    2 Sept 2022

    What should I study for video editing? ›

    Candidates must have completed a bachelor's degree in film production or sound and video editing. MA or MSc in video editing requires BA or BSc in the same. Most of the colleges conduct entrance exams, group discussions and interviews to shortlist students for postgraduate video editing courses.

    Is video editing hard? ›

    Video editing is not as easy as video shooting. The process is not only exhaustive but also very time-consuming. Most of the video editors need more time to edit than what they would need to shoot. On average, they will need double the time they took to shoot.

    How do I start editing with no experience? ›

    How to become an editor in 6 steps
    1. Choose your type and style of editing. ...
    2. Get a degree or editing certificate. ...
    3. Gain experience through internships and freelancing. ...
    4. Apply for entry-level publishing and editorial positions. ...
    5. Network with clients and publishing professionals. ...
    6. Earn promotion to senior editor.
    9 Nov 2022

    What is 321 rule in video editing? ›

    Every video maker includes the 321 rule. This means that you should always keep three copies of every single thing that you make in two different places. You have one goal – to tell your audience a great story with your video. This can be achieved if you simply edit, edit and edit your content until perfection.

    Can I learn video editing myself? ›

    Some students may consider self-teaching video editing as an alternative to enrolling in a professional training program. Like many creative skills, students can self-teach most of the skills associated with using video editing tools, such as Premiere Pro, but their pace will be much slower than it otherwise could be.

    How do beginners make good edits? ›

    1. Make Tight Cuts.
    2. Choose the Best Angles/Takes to Tell the Story.
    3. Use Wide Shots Sparingly.
    4. Pay Attention to the Speakers Body Language.
    5. Edit Out Mistakes.
    6. Use B-Roll Shots in Sets of Three.
    7. Use Split Edits.
    8. Maintain Appropriate Pacing.

    What are the six basic steps to video editing? ›

    The 6 Stages Of Editing As A Film Director
    • Logging. The dailies or rushes are sorted and labelled in 'bins'. ...
    • First Assembly. ...
    • Rough Cut and Variations. ...
    • First Cut. ...
    • Fine Cut. ...
    • Final Cut.
    27 Nov 2021

    Is DaVinci or Premiere Pro easier? ›

    If your video editing work involves a lot of color grading, then DaVinci Resolve is a much better option. It comes fully prepared with a wide variety of options for advanced effects and careful color work. Premiere Pro, on the other hand, is less of a color grading whiz.

    What Adobe program is best for beginners? ›

    Another best graphic design software for beginners exists within the Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator.
    • It's very easy to use (many say easier than Photoshop) – perfect for beginners.
    • It supports all popular file formats and even a few uncommon ones.
    • It's free to use thanks to the open source platform.
    27 Aug 2019

    How many days will it take to learn Premiere Pro? ›

    Average Time it Takes to Learn Premiere Pro.

    Users may even be able to complete videos with more advanced techniques over the course of five to six months, a process that can be greatly expedited by enrolling in a live online or in-person Premiere Pro course.

    What are the 5 major types of edits? ›

    What Are the Five Major Types of Edits?
    • Developmental, substantive, or content editing.
    • Structural editing.
    • Copy editing.
    • Line editing.
    • Mechanical editing.

    Which is the most useful video editing app? ›

    1. 13 Best Free Video Editing Apps.
    2. PowerDirector – Google Editors' Choice. ...
    3. Promeo - Best App for Social Media. ...
    4. iMovie - Video Editor App for Beginners. ...
    5. Splice - Free Video Editor for Trimming and Cropping. ...
    6. Quik - Best Video Editor for Montages. ...
    7. KineMaster - Video Editing App For Experienced Editors.
    8 Sept 2022

    What are the 3 stages of video editing? ›

    Phase one (Pre-Production) is where all the planning and coordination happens, phase two (Production) is when you capture all the elements that will be in your final video and phase three (Post-Production) is where all the elements get edited together and combined to create the final video.

    How much do beginner video editors make? ›

    Remote jobs can be full-time permanent positions or temporary contract work. As with other jobs in video editing, salaries start at $20 an hour and go up from there, with $25 to $30 being common.

    What are your strongest skills as a video editor? ›

    It is important as a video editor to be thorough and manage every detail of the video editing process. As a video editor, you will need a good eye for camera angles, special effects and continuity of motion. Attention to detail is also important for sound effects and synchronization of the sound and film elements.

    How do I become a successful video editor? ›

    Steps to Break into the Industry
    1. Understand Video Editing vs. Motion Graphics. ...
    2. Learn the Terminology. ...
    3. Time Management. ...
    4. Stay Current With Trends. ...
    5. Build a Strong Reel and Website. ...
    6. Adobe Premiere Pro. ...
    7. Adobe After Effects. ...
    8. Final Cut Pro.
    15 Jul 2022

    How long can I learn video editing? ›

    They can reliably learn tools like Premiere Pro or Final Cut in only a few weeks of training. The time-consuming part of learning video editing is learning the specific techniques and theories behind video editing and practicing enough to perfect these techniques. This process can take years of study and training.

    What skills are needed for video editing? ›

    Regardless of the industry or role, there are several skills encompassed in your ability to effectively edit videos, such as:
    • Attention to detail.
    • Adaptability.
    • Self-motivation.
    • Organizational skills.
    • Communication skills.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • Familiarity with editing software programs.

    How long does it take a beginner to edit a video? ›

    For simple output, which usually involves trimming and syncing audio, it takes an editor between one and two hours to clean up and edit a five-minute video. However, a five-minute video with more complex needs can average between three and five days.

    How much does a 1 minute video edit cost? ›

    The average cost of video production is between $1,000 and $5,000 for each finished minute. It's extremely pricey because you're paying for the entire production team.

    How much should I charge to edit a 1 minute video? ›

    According to the data above, a video editor's hourly rate will range between 25 USD and 45 USD for a beginner, 55 USD to 80 USD for an advanced video editor, and between 80 USD and 100 USD for an expert.

    What is the easiest video editing software? ›

    13 Best Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software for Beginners [2022]
    • PowerDirector - Best Overall.
    • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate - Best for Face Effects.
    • VideoProc Vlogger - Best for Speed Adjustments.
    • iMovie - Best for Instant Movies.
    • OpenShot - Best Open-Source Video Editor.
    • VideoPad - Best for Social Media.
    4 Nov 2022

    How do I edit like a pro? ›

    How to Edit Videos Like a Pro: 10 Tips
    1. Maintain a Project Directory. ...
    2. Two Is the Magic Number. ...
    3. Choose Your Weapon Wisely. ...
    4. Trim the Fat. ...
    5. Avoid Jumpcuts. ...
    6. Vary Your Shots. ...
    7. Start Off With High-Quality Footage. ...
    8. Don't Forget Coloring.
    3 Aug 2021

    How can I edit a video like a pro for free? ›

    Best free video editing software for desktop
    1. Blender. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ...
    2. Lightworks. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ...
    3. Shotcut. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ...
    4. DaVinci Resolve. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    5. OpenShot. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. ...
    6. Avidemux. ...
    7. HitFilm Express. ...
    8. InVideo.
    8 Jun 2022

    What is a heavy edit? ›

    What is a heavy or structural edit? A heavy or structural edit is where the text needs substantial rewriting, restructuring, or reformatting, and/or checking and querying of the consistency and accuracy of the information.

    Is Adobe Video Editor good for beginners? ›

    Simple and intuitive video editing, perfect for beginners - Adobe Premiere Pro has everything you need to create videos for lasting memories. *Based on Annual plan, paid monthly.

    Is video editing easy to learn? ›

    Video editing tools are rather simple to learn for novice users who are looking to cut and compile their commercials or simple video content online. However, more advanced editing techniques will be more challenging to learn as they are less about how individual cuts are technically made.

    How many months will it take to learn video editing? ›

    If you're new to video editing and are learning from scratch, that's a different matter entirely. (In case you're wondering: you might be able to master the basics of most programs in a few days. To get to a pro editing level, though, you have to factor in at least six months of continuous editing work.)

    Which Adobe software is best for beginners? ›

    10 Best Adobe Apps for Creatives
    • Adobe Photoshop—Best for photo editing.
    • Adobe Illustrator—Best for vector graphics.
    • Adobe InDesign—Best for layout and page design.
    • Adobe Premiere Pro—Best for video editing.
    • Adobe XD—All-in-one UI/UX design tool.
    • Adobe Dreamweaver—Best for website design.
    13 Nov 2022

    What skills are needed to edit videos? ›

    Regardless of the industry or role, there are several skills encompassed in your ability to effectively edit videos, such as:
    • Attention to detail.
    • Adaptability.
    • Self-motivation.
    • Organizational skills.
    • Communication skills.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • Familiarity with editing software programs.

    What do most video editors use? ›

    What Do Professional Video Editors Use?
    • 1 Premiere Pro Adobe.
    • 2 Blender.
    • 3 Adobe Effects After.
    • 4 Avid Media Composer.
    • 5 Corel VideoStudio.
    • 6 DaVinci Resolve Studio 16.
    • 7 Edius Pro 8.
    • 8 CyberLink Powerdirector.


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