Top 28 Free & Paid Relaxing Royalty Free Meditation Music - Motion Array (2023)

It’s surprisingly challenging to relax, unwind and meditate to nothing — you need the right soundtrack. Adding the right royalty-free meditation music to your project can help really pull the audience in and connect with your project on a more emotional (and hopefully relaxing) level. We’ve tried to make your job easier by adding our 28 favorites to this list.

Peaceful Royalty Free Meditation Music for Editors

1. Free Forest Quietness

With an airy angelic feeling, The Forest Quietness is the perfect choice for a tranquil project. Whether you’re building a world-class meditation tutorial or looking for a sound that will set a soothing mood, this soundscape might just do the trick.

Free The Forest Quietness Download

2. Free Clear Sky

Clear Sky combines synth drones and pads making it perfect for background in a cinematic fantasy setting. The calm ambiance is also a good fit for the background of an online yoga video or even a sunrise timelapse.

Free Clear Sky Download

3. Free Cinematic Peaceful Harp

Combining the calming sounds of the piano, harp, and strings, Cinematic Peaceful Harp has an air of peaceful grace to it. Use it to showcase a timelapse of your next travel adventure featuring gorgeous ocean and forest landscapes.

Free Cinematic Peaceful Harp Download

4. Free Lost Hope

As the title promises, The Lost Hope has a mournful sadness to it. The melancholic piano could easily be paired with a dramatic funeral scene or opening to your next TV or film project.

Free The Lost Hope Download

5. Free Peace In My Life

Peace In My Life is a calming, elegant piano-led piece. With a hint of hope and inspiration, it could fit into a sad or happy scene depending on the audience’s takeaway. Or pair it with something formal like a scene in a church.

Free Peace In My Life Download

6. Free Gentleness

If you’re looking for a cinematic inspirational piece, Gentleness brings it to the table. Combining the piano, harps, strings, mallets, and even the flute, this free meditation music download might be the perfect fit for your next commercial spot.

Free Gentleness Download

7. Free Desert Renaissance

Desert Renaissance is best described as ambient background music. Its flowy, new-age tune won’t necessarily change the feeling of a scene, but it could serve to reinforce what’s already there.

Free Desert Renaissance Download

8. Free Moment of Inspiration

For an emotionally-inspired scene that requires an energetic, peaceful companion, Moment of Inspiration is an ideal pick. It features uplifting piano, sweeping strings, and elegant swells that add drama where it’s needed most.

Free Moment of Inspiration Download

9. Free From The Clouds

Deep and melodic, From The Clouds features a slow piano and spacey soundscape that’s ideal for documentaries set in nature. Low, ambient, and slow-moving, it won’t distract the audience from the breathtaking visuals.

Free From The Clouds Download

10. Begin To Relax

Begin To Relax is a peaceful and light piece that combines an unimposing piano with a calm cello and strings to bring together a moving soundscape. It could be the right pick if you’re looking for something tranquil.

Download Begin To Relax Now

11. Stress Relief

Featuring a peaceful piano, harp, and collection of bells, Stress Relief makes for a superb background to your yoga or meditation instructional video. It’s a quiet, pretty, and enchanting piece.

Download Stress Relief Now

12. Everlife

If you’re looking for a dreamy music scape, Everlife can deliver. This royalty-free track combines a warm piano with light FX to create a track perfect for relaxing videos.

Download Everlife Now

13. Land Of Forgotten Dreams

Delivering a collection of electronic sounding bells combined with a far-off piano and light guitar strings, Land Of Forgotten Dreams provides a meditative cinematic background. It’s the perfect addition to any dramatic scene.

Download Land Of Forgotten Dreams Now

14. Anemoi Winds

Filled with beauty and wonder, Anemoi Winds would be a great addition to any film score. It features a cinematic soundscape lightly sprinkled with synths and gorgeous piano notes.

Download Anemoi Winds Now

15. Heartbeat Of Destiny

While Heartbeat of Destiny provides a certain calmness and relaxation, it does so with a darker tone than some of the other pieces of royalty-free meditation music on our list. The electronic bass mixes with airy pads and soft bells to provide a sound that’s a little bit more mystical.

Download Heartbeat Of Destiny Now

16. Motion Of Stars

Motion Of Stars provides a futuristic-sounding meditative track perfect for time-lapses, nature content, or even aerials. It delivers a fresh combination of electronic sounds that provides a dreamy undertone for your next project.

Download Motion Of Stars Now

17. The Power Of Your Mind

If peaceful and relaxing is what you’re looking for, The Power Of Your Mind might just check all the boxes. With soft strings, a calming piano, and airy pads, it’s an ambient tune that makes for the perfect cinematic backdrop.

Download The Power Of Your Mind Now

18. Shadows On The Water

While Shadows On The Water is a relaxing tune, the addition of guitars makes it more active than some of the other meditation pieces out there. Paired with soft strings and bells, this makes for a perfect background for your next inspiring commercial.

Download Shadows On The Water Now

19. Endless Cosmos

With an airy synth, pads, and bass, Endless Cosmos would make the perfect addition to your next space visual. It has a real otherworldly vibe that could make for a great backdrop for a spacewalk.

Download Endless Cosmos Now

20. Concentration Of The Mind

Concentration Of The Mind is another spacey royalty-free track that provides a meditative electronic sound backdrop. It features soft synths and airy pads that pair greatly with a sci-fi feature or a meditation instructional video.

Download Concentration Of The Mind Now

21. Expanding Horizons

If you’re looking for a meditation track that puts the expanse of space into sound, Expanding Horizons is for you. It features a deep electronic ambient sound that’s perfect for your next cinematic, futuristic project.

Download Expanding Horizons Now

22. So High

So High is a breath of fresh air. Featuring soft pads, strings, flutes, and keys, this track was made for your next meditation instructional video or nature-based documentary.

Download So High Now

23. Echoes

With dreamy piano notes and light rain, Echoes is a truly calming track. If you’re looking for a track that reduces stress and provides an ambient backdrop this might be perfect for your next project.

Download Echoes Now

24. Visions Of Light

Visions Of Light is a serene melodic track that features a soft piano and lovely air strings. Perfect for a timelapse, meditation, or documentary project, it provides a calming musical backdrop that will relax viewers.

Download Visions Of Light Now

25. The Mystery Of OM

Featuring deep but peaceful vocal chants backed by natural ambient sounds like water falling and light rain, The Mystery Of OM is the perfect background for your next wellness project.

Download The Mystery Of OM Now

26. Cosmic Wave

Like a wave of dreamy, ambient sound, Cosmic Wave might be the perfect track to splash into the background of your next project. It is pumped full of electric ambiance and features atmospheric synth pads that give it a flowing elegance.

Download Cosmic Wave Now

27. Relaxed Reflections

If you’re looking for a quiet, heartwarming track that provides ambiance to your project, Relaxed Reflections might just be the perfect fit. Featuring a calming piano and flowing pads, this piece can add feeling without taking away from the visual.

Download Relaxed Reflections Now

28. In Your Dream

In Your Dream is an ethereal track that provides a relaxing ambiance filled with soft piano and airy pads. It mixes perfectly with aerial, landscape, or nature projects.

Download In Your Dream Now

You want the right mixture of piano, bells, chimes, and other relaxing sounds for your next project, then chances are an airy sci-fi-inspired number won’t quite fit the bill for a calm opening sequence of a drama. If you’re looking for a ton of options to pick from, Motion Array is your best bet. With thousands of tracks, you’re bound to find the right fit.

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