What To Wear To A Club: Clubbing Outfit Ideas For Men (2022) (2023)

When it comes to clubs and dress codes, knowing what to wear can be tricky and stressful. Club attire is all about finding clothes that look stylish, fit well, feel comfortable, and show off your style without trying too hard. Your party wear should reflect your personality and desire to look good while also consisting of high-quality pieces that will satisfy the wardrobe standards of the nightclub to avoid getting rejected at the door.

Whether you’re going clubbing for a casual night out or want to party with friends to celebrate a birthday, there are many clubbing outfits that are versatile and fashionable. Some men will dress up with trendy chino pants, a button-down shirt and dressy shoes for a classy look, while others may prefer to style dark denim jeans and a nice t-shirt with cool sneakers for a smart casual aesthetic.

With so many fashion trends and styles to consider, it can be a challenge choosing your clubwear for the night. To inspire you with outfit ideas, we’ve compiled a guide on what to wear to a club for men. From shirts and jeans to suits and shoes, explore the best club outfits to find the proper attire for a cool and stylish look all night!

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  • 2 Clubbing Outfits
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    • 2.2 Shirts
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Nightclub Attire

For a night at the club, you’ll want to wear upscale attire that makes you feel stylish, confident and comfortable. Club attire for men often includes fashionable jeans with a nice button-down or collared shirt with dress sneakers, boots or shoes. When it comes to styling an outfit to wear to a club, you should dress up and look your best.

Even at nightclubs with relaxed dress codes, guys can style trendy outfits by incorporating fashion trends and pieces that complement their body type. Depending on the type of venue you’re partying at, casual clubwear may start with ripped jeans, a fitted designer t-shirt, and white sneakers for a cool look. Athletic guys can wear fitted short-sleeve shirts that are cuffed mid-bicep, short men can dress vertical pinstripes or monochromatic combinations, and bigger guys can try dark loose-fitting button-up shirts with jeans.

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While high-end clothes are club essentials, your outfit should offer a balance between function, style, and comfort. If you’re going to a bar that requires you to stand up or a club where you’ll be dancing all night, wear full-grain leather dress sneakers instead of dress shoes. The bouncer probably won’t notice the difference and you’ll look good while still feeling relaxed. You can always complement your footwear by putting on black designer jeans or dressy dark chino pants and a blazer.

For an upscale look that’s practical, invest in a combed-cotton t-shirt that will keep you cool in a hot club and still work well with smart-casual and semi-formal styles. Get a trendy casual look by wearing a scoop-neck t-shirt with slim-fit selvedge denim jeans and Chelsea boots. You can style an edgy modern outfit by combining distressed dark denim jeans with a fashionable t-shirt, tailored blazer and polished loafers.

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When checking out an exclusive club in New York City, Los Angeles, London, Miami, or Las Vegas, wear a tailored suit with dress shoes for a classy outfit that will make you stand out as well-dressed.

You’ll want to pair your clubbing clothes with flattering shoes such as dressy sneakers and boots. When wearing jeans for a smart-casual look, you can choose designer white sneakers, suede chukkas or leather Chelsea boots. If you plan to dress up for a nice venue, complement your ensemble with dress shoes like Oxfords, brogues, and well-made loafers.


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You’ll want to take your look to the next level and accessorize your outfit with a luxury watch. If you prefer a classic and effortlessly chic aesthetic, put on a stainless-steel sports watch or go for a formal leather-strapped timepiece. For a bolder style, watches with jewel-studded dials, pie-pan bezels, and generously-sized faces serve as statement pieces.

Clubbing Outfits

Button-Up Shirt

The button-up shirt is one of the most popular types of shirts to wear to a club. As a must-have wardrobe staple for the modern man, a quality button-down shirt provides an effortlessly put-together look that always looks good. A spread collar shirt is handsome and casual, while button-down collars are traditional and classy. For a simple and trendy outfit, style your top with slim-fit chinos and low-cut leather sneakers.

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Also known as band collar shirts, a collarless button-up shirt is a stylish yet easy choice. Wear a black band collar with fitted black jeans and Chelsea boots for a contemporary urban look. With their matte basketweave stitch, Oxford shirts are perfect clubbing attire because these tops effectively balance casual and formal outfits with great style. Make sure to pick a lightweight fabric such as cotton to improve breathability and avoid sweating.

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White, black, and navy button-up tops are neutral canvases that can be dressed up or down. For a rugged approach, denim is an excellent option for a club with a casual dress code. You can pair a smart casual denim shirt with fitted black jeans and tobacco leather dress boots for a smart casual look. Patterns and bright colors are fun and bold choices that are appropriate for spring and summer. Just balance your top out with neutral pieces like olive or brown chinos, clean minimal boots, or elegant white dress sneakers.

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When it comes to upscale clubbing shirts, a fitted designer t-shirt is an excellent choice for the right outfit. A henley shirt is masculine and sexy when worn with fitted jeans and a sports watch. This casual shirt style is also dashing and unpretentious styled under a blazer. Combed cotton shirts are classic and elegant, while slub cotton is contemporary and hip.

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For a touch of country club sophistication, combine a polo shirt with cuffed chinos and white leather sneakers. For a more formal look, swap the sneakers out for brown leather loafers. You’ll want your polo to be fitted at the chest and slightly loose around the midsection.

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To find the best shirts, guys can shop at high-end fashion houses like Tom Ford for a solid silk crew-neck shirt that will impress or explore cool brands like Thom Browne for unique flattering tops that come in a range of sizes, fits and textures.

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Trendy and versatile, you can experiment with popular designers like McQueen, Comme des Garcons, and Paul Smith. Make sure to mix and match your shirts with your favorite high-end pieces, including belts, watches, and footwear.

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Cut more casually than a suit jacket, blazers are easy to move in and add a posh layer to your clubwear. Most guys will wear a blazer with a button-down shirt and smart chino pants or dark denim jeans with dressy footwear for a fashionable outfit. Whether you’re sporting a t-shirt and jeans or a button-up and khaki pants, adding a dark-colored blazer to the mix elevates your look and can be hard to beat.

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Black is chic and dashing, navy is a traditional power color, and grey is distinct and universally flattering. Olive is a handsome color for sport coats, which can even be worn with flannel tops for an effortlessly chic look.

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While formal suit jackets are too formal for most clubs, you may be able to wear a linen summer suit jacket so make sure you review the dress code. During the hotter months of the year, partner your jacket with a light-colored cotton shirt or polo, cuffed chinos, and leather Oxfords with no socks.

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For a trendy look that blends preppy and streetwear, pair a light-colored linen jacket with a black scoop-neck, black jeans, and black leather sneakers. Timeless and versatile, blazers are an easy way to level up your club attire without being too stuffy.


As cool and comfortable pants, jeans are great for guys who want to wear a casual or smart casual outfit to a club. Some men may think jeans are too casual, but the right cut, fit and wash can make all the difference. With the proper attire, you can even style denim at upscale venues. For starters, you’ll want to invest in dark wash jeans that are the perfect length or long enough to be cuffed.

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To create a casual look, dress your slim-fit dark blue jeans with a fitted shirt, sneakers and a classic watch. To take it up a notch for a trendy style, you can pair straight-fit black jeans with a dress shirt, a dark-colored blazer, leather boots or dressy shoes, and a luxury sports watch.

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When you want a refined outfit, go for Japanese raw selvedge denim from brands like Oni, Naked and Famous, and Unbranded. The sturdy build boasts clean lines perfect for cuffing and pairing with formal pieces. If black jeans are too formal for you, choose dark blue, gray, or other classic colors. If jeans are too casual, you can easily wear chinos or trousers for a safe option that works with a range of outfits and dress codes.

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When in doubt about the club’s dress code, chinos are stylish pants that you can wear with style to complement your favorite clothes. Chino pants are more formal than jeans but more casual than dressy trousers, making these pants an essential wardrobe item. For a smart casual look you can wear most places, pair gray chinos with dress sneakers, a fitted collared shirt and a blazer.

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Some guys may want to consider black chino pants with a white crew-neck t-shirt and white sneakers for a casual outfit, while others may decide on fitted navy pants with a light blue Oxford-style button-down shirt and loafers for an elegant touch.

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You can also cuff the chinos and check in your blazer at the front door to tone down the formal look while still maintaining the fresh and clean-cut style. Get the right aesthetic by sticking to lighter chinos in the summer and darker pants in the winter.

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Your shoes are one of the most important parts of your clubbing outfit so be sure to wear the appropriate footwear. If you’re partying at a new spot, you may need to check the dress code to see what types of shoes are allowed in the club. Depending on your attire, you’ll want to choose quality dress shoes, boots or sneakers. The proper club footwear may include Oxfords, brogues, loafers, chukkas, Chelsea boots, and dress sneakers.

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If you’re wearing trousers, put on full-grain leather dress shoes for a classy finish. Stylish men will sport Derby uppers, which look good with all types of dress pants, or stately Oxfords for an elegant touch. Smart casual clothes call for comfortable and classic Chelsea boots, while dark jeans go well with suede chukkas for a masculine style. For a high-end relaxed look, pair polished leather bit loafers with fitted chinos and a tailored button-up shirt, dress watch, and optional blazer.

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Leather dress sneakers are functional and trendy for casual and smart casual dress codes. Minimalist, low-profile designs can even style nicely with trousers for a cosmopolitan summer look. Edgy and always chic, fashion-forward guys will experiment with brands like Common Projects, Greats, Koio, and Oliver Cabell.

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The right accessories will elevate your club attire from simply stylish to impeccable. While you only need the essentials, the most important accessory to put on is your watch. Fashion-conscious women will usually notice your timepiece and consider it an indicator of your social status. You can’t go wrong with luxury sports watches, especially classic stainless steel divers with dark dials or field watches with white dials like the Explorer II. For clubs with more formal dress codes, a dress watch with a croco-embossed leather strap must be color-matched to your belt.

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If you’re tucking in your shirt, always wear a quality belt that matches a piece of your ensemble. Try a sleek leather belt with dressy gray chinos and a dark navy button-up. For a retro-cool approach, style a braided belt with warmer shades like a champagne cashmere sweater and brown chinos. For a night at a club, always bring a sleek cardholder or a slim wallet. Trendy men can choose from products made of dashing leather, elegant gold, or edgy and masculine carbon fiber.

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What To Wear To A Club in Winter

When clubbing in the winter, you’ll want to wear thicker fabrics and dress in layers to keep warm and stay stylish. Winter club outfits can be a challenge since the dance floor will be hot but traveling to and from the venue will be col. Most guys will wear jeans with a long-sleeve shirt or sweater and a jacket. For higher-end spots, you might combine a herringbone-knit button-up shirt with a cashmere sweater, a blazer, dressy chinos and leather boots.

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On the coldest winter nights, top this off with a wool pea coat that you can leave at the coat check. Depending on the temperature inside the venue, you can check your sweater and blazer with your coat, as long as you’re wearing a stylish leather belt.

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For more casual clubs, partner dark jeans with a designer crew neck t-shirt and chukka boots. Your outerwear can be a bomber jacket for a bold silhouette or a well-fitted leather biker jacket for an edgy streetwear vibe. For fall or early winter, a canvas Harrington jacket with a cashmere scarf is always a handsome choice.

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What To Wear To A Club in Summer

For the summer, you’ll want to wear light outfits that are made of breathable materials to help you stay cool at the club. While most summer parties often have casual dress codes, you’ll want to stick to classic styles and clean lines. For an elevated look, dress up in a linen blazer, Oxford button-up shirt, and light-colored trousers to create a powerful ensemble that will keep you from getting hot and sweaty while on the dance floor. Depending on the club, you can round out this look with loafers and no socks or traditional brown dress shoes.

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To style a casual summer club outfit, you may pair light wash jeans or loose chino pants with a camp collar shirt or fitted t-shirt and comfortable footwear. Fashionable and unique, a fitted stretch polo with a printed collar can be worn with chinos and white low-profile sneakers in a less formal club setting.

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For a sleek smart casual in warm weather, team up a modern-fit gray suit with a nautically-striped henley shirt and leather loafers. With the right balance, you can have a lot of fun with prints and colors while clubbing in the summertime.

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What To Wear To A Bar

With a more relaxed atmosphere than a club, you’ll want to wear a casual outfit to a bar. While it depends on the bar or lounge, most guys can pull off styling jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers or chukka boots. For a smart casual look on date night, your bar outfit can consist of fitted dark denim jeans or chinos, a nice shirt, blazer, and Chelsea boots. If you’re a business professional meeting coworkers or friends for happy hour, you can loosen up by taking off the tie and replacing your suit jacket with a rugged field vest.

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You can take a similar approach for a weekday date, but you’ll want to be more casual for a weekend bar date. In this case, wear a well-fitting untucked button-up with neatly folded sleeves and slim-fit dark jeans. Complete this outfit with Chelsea boots and a sports watch for that sexy and masculine look. For an upscale bar, you’ll want to consider a black, grey or navy suit with polished dress shoes like Oxfords, brogues, or double monks.

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For a night of bar hopping or watching a game with the guys, straight-cut blue jeans, a crew-neck t-shirt and casual boots like Timberlands or chukkas are an excellent choice. During winter, layer up with a sweater, bomber jacket and infinity scarf. Even on the most casual nights out, you never know who you’ll meet at the bar so always make sure that your outfit is stylish and your shoes and watch are on-point.

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What To Wear To A Club

  • Always review the dress code before choosing your club attire.
  • Most times, you’ll want to dress up for a club with nice clothes and style a smart casual or semi-formal look to avoid issues at the door.
  • The most popular club outfits are fitted, functional and comfortable, allowing you to look stylish, exude confidence, and show off your features.
  • For a smart casual style, pair dark denim jeans or fashionable chino pants with a designer t-shirt or button-down shirt and clean sneakers, boots, or dress shoes.
  • To create a semi-formal look, guys can combine slim-fit jeans with a button-down shirt, tailored blazer, and leather footwear.
  • The best shoes for clubbing are trendy sneakers for casual outfits, leather Chelsea or suede chukka boots for smart casual attire, and dress shoes for more formal venues.
  • You can put on a high-end sports watch or a luxury timepiece that works with your ensemble.


What do guys wear out clubbing? ›

Generally, when it comes to club attire, guys should always wear business casual at the very minimum. A button-down or v-neck shirt with fitted jeans and shoes works well for all occasions.

What men should not wear to a club? ›

What Not To Wear To Clubs & Why – Unwritten Rules For Clubbing...
  • Athletic Shoes Or Sneakers.
  • Work Boots Or Construction Boots.
  • Rain Boots.
  • Sandals Or Flip Flops.
  • Sportswear.
  • Graphic T-shirts.
  • Bandanas.
  • Hats.
5 Nov 2022

How should I dress for a nightclub? ›

Outfit ideas include:
  1. A nice, well tailored button down collared shirt. Avoid golf shirts or generic corporate looking shirts (blue stripes, checks, 'boardroom blue'). ...
  2. Jeans that fit. Baggy jeans are so 90s, and not in a good way. ...
  3. A pair of loafers or oxfords. ...
  4. Avoid athletic wear or athletic shoes.

What do you wear to a bar 2022? ›

39 Stunning Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Bar 2022
  • Tank Top, Skinny Jeans, and Heels.
  • Backless Shirt, Leather Pants, and High Heels.
  • A Leather Skirt and Sweater.
  • Skinny Cropped Jeans with a Navy Blouse.
  • Ripped Jeans, Tank Top, and Leather Jacket.
  • 2-piece Body Skirt.
  • High-waisted Pencil Skirt and Vest.
18 Jun 2022

How do you stand out in a nightclub? ›

Some of these include:
  1. Dress a little differently: Many people who go clubbing end up wearing the same clothes in terms of styles and colors, which makes them all blend in. ...
  2. Play it cool: A lot of people that head to the clubs can't wait to get to the bar and guzzle drink after drink.
1 Dec 2017

How do guys go clubbing for the first time? ›

  1. Eat a hearty dinner meal. ...
  2. Manscape… ...
  3. Dress to impress. ...
  4. Arrive at the venue on time. ...
  5. If you can afford it, line up VIP bottle service. ...
  6. Pace yourself & control your alcohol consumption. ...
  7. Respect the club staff. ...
  8. Respect the women you meet and chat up.

What is club casual attire? ›

For gentlemen, country club casual attire consists of tailored slacks or Bermuda-length shorts, collared or turtleneck shirts, and dress shoes. For boys, country club casual attire consists of clothing commensurate with the attire worn by gentlemen. Untucked shirts are not permitted.

Can you wear hoodies in a night club? ›

Dressy & Smart Casual

This generally means if you're not wearing nice shoes that look trendy you're not going to get in. For men pants, khakis, dark jeans with no tears or holes, and a nice shirt no sports jerseys or hoodies and nice shoes leather or trendy. For women it means a skirt or dressy pants.

Can you wear jeans to a nightclub? ›

Some nightclubs are much more casual, while others are much more dressy. If you're unsure, it's always best to err on the side of caution and dress up a bit more. That said, if you feel comfortable and confident in your jeans, then go for it!

How do you flirt in a nightclub? ›

How To Flirt in Clubs and Bars
  1. Eye Contact. It's weird for girls when guys just come out of nowhere and dance behind them. ...
  2. Body Language. Too many guys make this mistake and it's actually embarrassing to see. ...
  3. Breaking the touch barrier. ...
  4. Compliments. ...
  5. Allowing breathing space.
15 Aug 2018

How do I not be awkward at a nightclub? ›

In this guide, I'll share what I've learned about not being awkward at parties.
  1. Focus on things and people around you. ...
  2. Be curious about the person you talk to. ...
  3. Think about some topics in advance. ...
  4. Stay sober. ...
  5. Set up a plan beforehand. ...
  6. Make yourself look approachable. ...
  7. Be attentive in group conversations.
8 Dec 2020

What should guys wear to bars? ›

If you're heading to a bar or a pub, start with a plain T-shirt or a shirt with buttons. Both options look reasonably smart without being too formal. Match this with either dark jeans, wool trousers, or chinos. It's best to avoid shorts or light denim, which may not look dressy enough.

What do you wear to a party in 2022? ›

21 Going-Out Outfit Ideas That'll Spice Up Your Weekend Wardrobe
  • A Blazer Dress. Lionne. Nzinga Blazer Dress. ...
  • A Feathery Look. De La Vali. Espresso Wrap Mini Skirt. ...
  • A Sweater Vest & Boots Combo. Eloquii. ...
  • A Sleek Vibe. MANGO. ...
  • A Leather Look. Aritzia. ...
  • A Cute & Casual 'Fit. Song of Style. ...
  • A Power Jumpsuit. Eloquii. ...
  • A Satin Dress. Resa.
20 Jan 2022

What do adults wear to bars? ›

Clubs tend to be a bit more dressy, calling for skirts, dresses, and nice pants. Whereas bars are more casual and laid back, so informal clothes are usually worn. That's why jeans are the go-to option for many bar attendees, and club outfits for women tend to be more dressy and ultra-feminine.

How do I attract attention to my club? ›

Start flirting.
  1. Offer to buy him a drink. This is a fairly classic method of flirtation.
  2. Be friendly. If you're being openly friendly with a strange guy, he may very well take this as flirtation. Smile at him and even offer a compliment. You can say something like, "Hey, I love your shirt."

How do you look hot in a club? ›

Low necklines for breasts, short skirts for legs and tight dresses, skirts or pants for your butt. Just remember that you want to look hot – not trashy. You can only showcase a minimum of two assets at once. Also, wear a bold color that compliments your skin.

How can I make clubbing more fun? ›

To the uninitiated, going out to a club can often seem like an exercise in cliquishness alongside a heaping helping of sensory overload.
How to Have Fun at the Club, In Five Easy Steps
  1. DANCE.
7 Mar 2013

How do you get a girl in a club? ›

Well, if you insist on bugging us, here's some rules you can follow to keep things chill and fun for everybody.
  1. Have another reason to be there. ...
  2. Don't lurk. ...
  3. Wait for her signal. ...
  4. Approach from the front. ...
  5. Say hi and introduce yourself. ...
  6. Offer to buy her a drink. ...
  7. See if she'd like to dance. ...
  8. Hands off, Handsy.
28 Jan 2015

What are the 6 types of casual attire? ›

  • Active Casual. (page 12, Casual Power, for detailed photos)
  • Rugged Casual. (page 13, Casual Power, for detailed photos)
  • Sporty Casual. page 14-15, Casual Power, for detailed photos.
  • Smart Casual. (page 16, Casual Power, for illustrations & photos)
  • Dressy Casual. ...
  • Business Casual.

What kind of pants can you wear to a club? ›

If you're wondering what pants to wear to a club, you have three main options. Depending on where you're going, you can either choose to rock jeans, chinos or trousers. In general, jeans are ideal for clubs with a casual style while trousers are perfect for those with a more formal setting.

Can I wear ripped jeans to club? ›

Are jeans appropriate to wear for Dinner at the Club? Yes, Jeans are appropriate as long as they are dress denim. Rips and holes are discouraged, although acceptable as long as management deems them unoffensive.

Can you wear joggers to a nightclub? ›

Yes, I think it is perfectly fine to wear designer sweatpants to nightclubs or fancy bars. I think it is a great way to show off your personal style and to make a statement. I think it is also a great way to be comfortable and to enjoy your night out.

Can a nightclub refuse you entry? ›

Most nightclubs will have a dedicated dress code for the venue, which may differ for selected events, and have the right to refuse people at the door for not adhering to it.

Why do clubs have dress codes? ›

Club owners of upscale nightclubs have long used dress codes to signal status. They set a standard – usually more formal dress – and let potential clientele know who's welcome and who's not.

Can guys wear jeans to a club? ›

If you wear denim, make sure it's a darker shade. Unfortunately, some venues still disallow jeans. In that case, smart wool trousers are a solid option. These are the most formal pant you can wear, but again, they are the most likely to become a casualty if it's a messy night.

What to say to pull a girl in a club? ›

Ask to keep the night going if you feel a connection.

Let her know that you'd love to grab another drink or have her over to your place. For instance, you could say: "Let's grab a drink somewhere quieter." You could also try something like: "I'm getting out of here -- you have any plans?"

Is it weird to go clubbing by yourself? ›

Even though some people attach a social stigma to going out alone, it's actually a perfectly healthy, normal thing to do. You wouldn't hesitate to go out by yourself to enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon in a café with a cup of coffee and a snack, and going to the club alone is no different.

How do you dance at a party if you are shy? ›

Try practicing dancing in front of a mirror so you can get more comfortable with how your body moves. Just throw on some music and let yourself get lost in the beat. Practicing by yourself might feel weird at first, but if you're comfortable dancing alone, it will be much easier to dance when you're out in public.

What is the most popular outfit in 2022? ›

9 Top Style Updates for Fall
  • Wider, looser jeans.
  • Loafers with attitude.
  • A wear-with-boots dress.
  • A leather or suede skirt.
  • A blue sweater.
  • A chic shirt-jacket.
  • A leggings replacement.
  • Real pants.
8 Sept 2022

What is the best outfit in 2022? ›

Top 10 Hottest Fashion Trends of 2022
  1. Hoodies Under Blazers.
  2. Power Bohemian Florals.
  3. Color Clashing.
  4. Tractor Trek-Sole Boots.
  5. Chunky Loafers.
  6. Academia Style.
  7. Hot Goth.
  8. Y2K Fashion.
13 Oct 2022

Which color is best for party wear? ›

White. If you love to stay classy or minimal, white is the one for you. White is much more experiment-able than any other color.

What to wear to go out for drinks men? ›

Traditionalists will point you to a windowpane blazer, solid-colored chinos, and classic leather dress shoes. (And as a general rule, white shirt + dark suit + solid-colored tie will never make you look like a bozo.)

What should you not wear to a bar? ›

Regardless of the dress code (smart casual, semi-formal, or formal), avoid wearing any practical sports attire when going to the bar. This includes joggers, leggings, shorts, sports hats, and beanies. Hikecore outfits are also not recommended.

What should a guy wear to a drinking party? ›

A party invitation with a cocktail attire dress code for men usually means that you should wear a suit with a shirt, dress shoes and a tie or bow tie. In some instances, just a blazer and a pair of dark-colored jeans will be acceptable if the dress code is more casual.

What do men wear on a night out in Vegas? ›

Ideas for Nightclub Attire for Men

Appropriate club attire for men may include dress shoes, trendy jeans, and a nice collared shirt. Dress pants usually aren't required, so choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. Be careful with t-shirts: if it's fitted and fashionable, it may work, but it can be risky.

Are jeans OK for cocktail attire? ›

As such, clothing that is more casual – such as jeans, polo shirts, or casual sneakers – has no place in the Cocktail Attire dress code, but neither does more formal menswear – such as dinner jackets, formal waistcoats, or cummerbunds.

What is cocktail casual attire male? ›

Because cocktail attire exists in the liminal space between those more casual/formal occasions, you've got plenty of leeway to imbue the mandate with elements of your personal style. Traditionalists will point you to a windowpane blazer, solid-colored chinos, and classic leather dress shoes.

What should guys wear out to bars? ›

If you're heading to a bar or a pub, start with a plain T-shirt or a shirt with buttons. Both options look reasonably smart without being too formal. Match this with either dark jeans, wool trousers, or chinos. It's best to avoid shorts or light denim, which may not look dressy enough.

What should a guy wear to a bar at night? ›

12 Stylish Outfit Combinations For A Club Night
  • Plain Henley T-shirt + Denim Jeans + Boots. ...
  • Polo T-shirt + Trousers + Loafers. ...
  • Plaid Shirt + Denim Jeans + Boots. ...
  • Denim Shirt + Denim Jeans + Formal Shoes. ...
  • Patterned Shirt + Denim Jeans + Sneakers. ...
  • Plain T-shirt + Plain Shirt + Denim Jeans + Formal Shoes.
11 Nov 2022

Can guys wear jeans to clubs in Vegas? ›

PANTS: Yes, you can wear jeans. Every major nightclub in Las Vegas will let guys in with jeans as long as they look new, aren't ripped and aren't baggy. You can also wear dress slacks.


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